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Want a thriving side hustle? Make time

Saturday May 23 2020


Mercy Wanjiku Njomo is a facilities manager at Quipbank Trust Limited. PHOTO | COURTESY 

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Mercy Wanjiku Njomo works at Quipbank Trust Limited as a Facilities Manager. Quipbank is an equipment bank that offers vehicles, agricultural, and mining and construction equipment rental and sales options.

Greatest milestone: Getting the security report centralised at my place of work is my biggest moment so far.

It was initially a challenge knowing the safety of all Quipbank branches and the assets in the yard. We created a system where all reporting was conducted and well recorded.

My success recipe: Humility and patience. My work involves handling people. As such, so many frustrating things can be said and done.

But I have learned to absorb all without hard feelings. I realise that I handle people who are also going through their own set of life problems.

My career and line of work shouldn’t be an additional burden. I also believe that having a teachable spirit is the only way to make it. Every day is a learning opportunity.


Biggest money mistake: In partnership with a personal friend, I once ventured into business and opened a stall at Sunbeam.

We were both employed at the time and evidently didn’t have enough time to be at the business. We ended up making so many losses that we just shut down.

I learnt that unless I am fully ready to fully commit to something, I should not even try to start it.

Biggest career loss: I once got a client who wanted to rent a few items from us. It was to be my first transaction and I was looking forward to it.

I took too long in getting all the necessary documents and in turn the client got impatient and opted to get the assets elsewhere.

The loss of the client was a very bitter pill to swallow. It taught me the art of preparation. Opportunities are lost due to lack of readiness.

If I could turn back the clock: I really don’t think I would change anything. All my strengths and shortcomings have gotten me to this point in my life. I’m grateful for it all.

My saving method: With a group of friends, we have a Sacco, where we save a fixed monthly amount. The money we save is intended to be used in acquiring assets.

Employment vs business: Unlike most people, I advocate for employment. It gives you space to grow as you venture into different departments and interact with various industries.

However, I also think we are all built differently and everyone should be where they feel they excel most.

My parting shot: Put your trust in God. Not everything or everyone that seems to be with you is for you.

Discern who and what is meant for you and strive towards what you aspire to be as a person and as a professional. Endeavour to uphold virtues such as honesty and reliability, and be open to learning.