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Wean yourself off your make-up

Saturday July 14 2018

A model with full make-up and a nude-coloured lipstick. PHOTO | MARTIN MUKANGU

A model with full make-up and a nude-coloured lipstick. PHOTO | MARTIN MUKANGU 

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Make-up addiction is real. Although there is nothing wrong with wearing make-up and wanting to look as presentable as possible, there comes a time when it reaches a point of obsession. “Cosmoholics”, “beauty junkies” and other terms are used to describe women who simply cannot get enough of make-up.

Here are some sure signs that you could be a make-up addict:

  • You cannot step out the door without a full face of make-up, including foundation and powder.

  • Make-up application is a must no matter where you are, even at a funeral.

  • Your handbag has a complete kit at all times. You cannot walk around without a make-up kit for constant touch ups during the day.

  • Nobody knows how you look without make-up because once you wake up in the dawn light, you head straight to the bathroom and come out fully made up.

  • You cannot resist buying new products every month.

  • People describe you as “yule dame wa ma make-ups” (that girl who puts on make-up).

  • You have to use make-up just to look normal, not necessarily beautiful.

When it gets to this point, you may wish to go without make-up sometimes. You feel like just being you, without lipstick, foundation or eye pencil.

It is not easy to face the world bare-faced, especially if you have worn make-up all the time for a long time.

Here is a simple way to start by using less and less until you get to a point of doing without it.

Do not go cold turkey because you will look completely different if you just drop it suddenly.


Step one: Begin by using nude or brown lipstick together with the rest of the make-up. Lipstick is the one product that gives a face that made-up look. Do this for about one month.

Step two: Tone it down further to just powder, eyebrows and lip-gloss. Wear this look for as long as possible, until everyone, including yourself, sees it as your normal look.

Step three: Bare it all. Start doing without any added colour. All you need is face cream and lip balm.

You will know that you are no longer an addict when you carry just lip balm in your handbag.


Hair by Christine at Tazama Salon. Model: Jenny Kinoti, Miss Laikipia County 2018.