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MUSIC REVIEW: ‘Suzanna’ by Sauti Sol

Tuesday February 18 2020

Afro-pop group Sauti Sol performing on stage

Afro-pop group Sauti Sol performing on stage during the 10th Edition of the Blankets and Wine held at the Ngong Racecourse on November 5, 2018. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU. 


Kenya’s finest afro pop band Sauti Sol has hit the world of music with their new hit single “Suzanna” from their new album Midnight Train.

The band has been on the lead for over a decade, giving us different tunes and having a different wave to every hit they release into the music charts.

In “Suzanna”, the main character in the song, who’s named after it, is ridiculed for her love of sponsors (sugar daddies), travelling to exquisite destinations and owning expensive items.

“...oh Suzanna, I hope your happy now /I see you flexing on the gram with your sponsor …/Nakuona Paris hapo kando ya Champs-Ely sees ukitesa na kamini ye/I see you change your skin colour / and your hair is longer now/And I see you in London, silicon on your bum bum /shaking what your mama gave you.”

Suzanna portrays an image of the current generational issues and the extremities that young men and women will go to afford a luxurious lifestyle which more often than not will be financed by older men or older women.

The video, which is directed by Leki Alaba Isama, is shot in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. Adopting the 70s, 80s style, the setting brings out the original African style and culture.



The video begins with people streaming in into an old club dressed up in vintage clothes to enjoy a live performance. While others are seeing smoking along the club corridors, others are seen to enjoy drinks and singing along to the tune.

Adopting the vintage touch, the men are dressed in brightly coloured bell bottom suits and afro puff hair, and white loafers which is known to be the old African fashion.

A background tune of different guitar strings and beating of drums brings out the African tunes which brings out the originality of the song.

The lyrics also discourage men and women against being materialistic and instead the personality and traits are important when it comes to choosing a partner.

Suzanna is encouraged to accept herself and leave the lavish life.