2019 club songs that kept revellers entertained

Sunday December 29 2019

Sailors Gang perform at Ngong Racecourse in Nairobi on October 5, 2019. One of their songs was banned from public play. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


If you are a regular at entertainment spots, you must have realised that there is a new genre of music that has been ruling the airwaves this year.

For those who are not clubgoers, probably you must have listened to the music in a matatu or watched it on TV.

These music include a song by the name "Wamlambez", which was banned from public airplay by the Kenya Film Classification Board due to its lewd lyrics.

The song became a national anthem of sorts, culminating into a form of greeting, where those told 'wamlambeeez' would respond ‘wamnyonyeeez’.

This is the world of ‘Gengetone’, the music that dominated the playlist of most clubs this year.

Unlike in the past where the musicians would rely on TV or radio to popularise their music, Gengetone songs are first uploaded on YouTube before making their way to other channels.


The Gengetone artistes, no doubt, have carved their own niche and come up with a genre that has captured the attention of the nation.


The music is a subgenre of hip-hop, having evolved from ‘Genge’ that was popular in the early to mid 2000s.

The songs have seen the rise of a new breed of young artistes who are playing by their own rules.

The artistes broke all the rules of the game and were anything but conventional.

The lyrics, which many see as controversial are eccentric, are raunchy and catchy with lewd dance moves to match.

The songs, most of them with heavy sexual undertones and connotations, have been received with mixed feelings, with one side of the divide branding them as trash.

But the Gengetone party certainly is not going to stop any time soon.

Here are the songs that were club anthems this year.


Sauti Sol is not new to the music scene, and the group has churned out a number of hits.

In the first quarter of the year, they released "Extravaganza", a Kiswahili song with a touch of Rhumba.

The song, featuring Bensoul, Nviiri the Storyteller, Crystal Asige and Kaskazini, has some 4.4 views on YouTube, making it one of the biggest club bangers.


The song by Sailors, a group that comprises Miracle Baby, Shalkido, Masilver, Lexxy Yung and Qoqosjuma has garnered over 5.8 million hits on YouTube.

The song, which was released in April, has been a favourite with many young people in clubs and continues to excite revellers.

The lyrics might not be your cup of tea and little wonder it was banned from public play and confined to night clubs, but it was no doubt a club hit.


The group Ethic gave you "Lamba lolo" and "New Position" last year, and this year the all boys band who do not seem to shy away from controversy released "Pandana".

The quartet comprising Reckless, Swat, Zilla and Seska have made a name for themselves, and their 2019 release also left revellers on their feet and had over 4.8 million hits on YouTube.


Barely two months after Sailors released the hit song "Wamlambez", the quintet churned out this hit that has been a dancing sensation in night clubs.

"Pekejeng" was well-received and has over 4.7 million hits on YouTube.


A relatively new release by rapper Octopizzo featuring Sailors. The song is already making its mark in the clubs.

A quick search revealed that it already had over 1.6 million views on YouTube one month after release.


A collabo between Gwaash Vuva and B Razor 34 gang, the song has about three million hits on YouTube and was generally well-received when it was released early this year.

It is one of those hit songs you might not understand what they are saying but has danceable beats.

Pombe Sigara

The song by Nviiri the Storyteller is about one man’s addiction to women.

Released about five months ago, it is easy on the ear and one can sing along. It has about 2.5 million views on YouTube.

Drinx na Mayenx

This is a song by Masta Ajab, KonKodi, Brian Nadra and Bon'Eye, and it is produced by Decimal Records.

"Drinx na Mayenx" has a catchy tune and it is one of those that keeps replaying in your mind. Released in January, it has over 1.4 million views on YouTube.

Accelerator (Serereka)

This collabo between The Kansoul and Vivian will keep you on your feet.

It has an effortlessly catchy tune and you can also sing along. Released midyear, it has over 2.7 million views on YouTube.

Kiza Kinene

The song by the beautiful Tanzanian singer and songwriter Nandy features our very own Sauti Sol.

It talks about two lovers that broke up courtesy of the grapevine. The song released in September has over 3.1 million views on YouTube.

Kaa na mamayako

Sang by Ochungulo Family, which is made up of Benzema, Dmore and Nellythegoon, the lyrics are inspired by West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo, who is known for making funny statements like ‘Kijana fupi, nono, round’ (short, fat, round young man) and ‘Kaa na mama yako’ (live with your mother).

In the latter statement, the governor was warning idle people with no meaningful agenda against visiting West Pokot.

The song was released in the second half of the year and has over 2.4 million views on YouTube.


In September, the Sailors gave their fans "Wainame", another of their club bangers with over 2.9 million views on YouTube.


This year, Masauti, whose real name is Mohammed Ali Said, dropped a number of hits and "Ipepete" was one of them. The hit that premiered in May has over 3.2 million views on YouTube.

Radio Love

In February, Nadia Mukami released "Radio Love", a hit that no doubt has been well-received in clubs and garnered over 2.8 million views on YouTube.