Bahati slams arrest rumours, threatens to sue

Tuesday October 31 2017

Newly married gospel singer Bahati is courting

Newly married gospel singer Bahati is courting controversy. PHOTO | FILE 

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Newly married gospel singer Bahati is courting controversy.

The blogosphere has been awash with rumours that the “Mama” hit maker was arrested for defrauding a businessman of Sh200,000. It’s alleged that he was later released.

The businessman was identified as Thuranira Kathiai, who allegedly said they had planned to start a business together but the plan never saw the light of day because “Bahati pocketed the cash”. reached out to the singer to clear the air on the matter:

Mi sijasikia stori ka hiyo. Hao ni wasee wamelipwa kuandika vitu kaa hizo. Mi ata sijui. Si acha nikucall baadaye juu niko kwa meeting kiasi?” he said before hanging up.

(I have not heard of anything like that. Those are people paid to write such stories. I don’t know. Let me call you later, I’m in a meeting)

Bahati’s long-time manager and close friend Josephat Kioko also appeared shocked when we reached out to him:

“Ati ameshikwa, lini, ilihappen siku gani? Sisi hatuko Nairobi, tuko mahali tunapiga shoo.Hao ni wasee wanahangaika kusaka content tu, hakuna kitu kaa hiyo brathe.”

What do you mean he was arrested? When did it happen? We are in away from Nairobi having a show. Those are people just desperate for content, there’s nothing like that, my brother.”

Kioko later acknowledged that they know Thuranira Kathiai and that he’s a fan. He said they plan to sue him for defamation.

“We are leaving it to our lawyers to deal with the issue. How can someone make such a claim without any evidence?” he posed.