Saturday November 11 2017

Rapper Sharama. PHOTO| COURTESY

Rapper Sharama. PHOTO| COURTESY 

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Until recently, it would be near-impossible to mention Sharama’s name without mentioning his close friend and fellow musician Cannibal as they ruled the airwaves with club-bangers like “Kichwa Kibov” and “Street Hustler”.

They were a beloved Kenyan hip hop duo until Cannibal recently turned to gospel music.

All went quiet in the Sharama camp, or so we thought, as the rapper revealed to Nation.co.ke that he has already released a track “Gangstar Love” and has also ventured into clothing business.
Here is more of what he said:

I just bumped into you in a cloth line store, what were you doing there? Were you looking for new props for a new video shoot or something?
Hahaha! No man that’s actually my store


Really, you mean you stopped doing music to venture into business?
You're misinformed, bro! I just released a new track the other day “Gangstar Love”. What does that tell you? That I am still into the music business because I will always sing. Besides who said a musician can’t have business errands?


But it has taken you a while before you were able to release a new song. Isn’t obvious that you have been busy doing other things.
You have to understand that everything has its time and place. I’m never in a hurry to release a song, as others go with the horse speed I am always on snail-speed.

I always do take my sweet time to plan everything that I do from music to other things. I have been doing music for close to eight years now, I got the experience, besides all artistes are different in their way


Sorry to say, your career as a solo artiste since partying ways with fellow former Ukoo Flani member Cannibal hasn’t been that good. What happened to Cannibal & Sharama?
I think am doing pretty well. Anyway there was no bad blood between the two of us when we decided to split; it was a gentleman’s agreement. There is a story to it though. 
I met Cannibal met when we were very young in the streets of Mombasa trying to make ends meet. We hooked up with Ukoo Flani and that’s how we started doing music together with the bond we shared, we were able to make several hits and put our names out there. But as years passed on we grew and started having our own families and that’s what led to our separation because we were now dedicating more time to our families responsibilities. We still talk, though.


And since then, he (Cannibal) also released several solo projects that didn’t do so badly before venturing into politics vying for an MCA position in the last general elections which he lost. Did you ever thought something like that would come to pass?
Yes indeed. To be honest I wasn’t surprised because my brother always talked politics whenever anyone would care to listen. He loved politics for sure


He is now saved after missing the MCA seat, I bet you know that. How did you receive the news?
I don’t know if it’s the new trend or something, every secular artiste seems to be going that direction but for me am not ready. I wish him well though.


Let’s talk about your family, how long have you been married?
Close to 13 years now and , blessed with three kids,  my firstborn, a son  is 14 years old, he just sat for his KCPE the other day, the second born, a son too will be in class 6 next year and the last born is six years old.


You have never shown you wife to the public like we see most celebrities doing why is that?
For simple reason, she is not involved in what I do.
You got several tattoos, on your hands is your entire body covered with them?

Hehehe not really but I got several beneath the clothes. This is an art.