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CELEB BUZZ: Can the old Timmy Tdat please stand up?

Saturday March 23 2019

Rapper Timmy T Dat. PHOTO | FILE

Rapper Timmy T Dat. PHOTO | FILE 

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Is Timmy Tdat okay? Is he taking breakfast, lunch and supper without fail? Is he going to the gym every day like he is supposed to? Is he still spending several hours without a shirt or is someone forcing him to wear one?

Why am I asking all this? It’s clear that Timmy Tdat is not okay. Something is happening to him. I am not sure what but an investigation needs to be done. Noordin Haji, are you free? Ama uko busy sana? We need your help here. We need to pinpoint the toxin that is causing our beloved Timmy to malfunction.

Lately, there is a rather bizarre trend in Timmy’s career. He is releasing really good music videos but his songs are just as tasteless as the porridge my high school used to serve us. (I hope my former principal isn’t reading this.)

Timmy arguably has the best music videos in the 254, even though they are not for the holier-than-thou. You wouldn’t want a Timmy video to play on TV while you are sitting with an elderly person like your parent. Still, he doesn’t go too far to irk Ezekiel Mutua. He knows just knows how to push close enough. He stops at level 99 when Mutua is at level 100. As a result, they’ve never clashed.

Still, the visuals are not entirely down to his brilliance. Kenya’s number one music video director Enos Olik handles most of Timmy’s videos and the two have always been pretty close. We can thus understand why Enos does his best work when he is with Timmy.



For Timmy, his job is in the music but he is currently not delivering.

The Timmy Tdat of “Haitosi”, “Dus Nyau” and “Welle Welle” is currently missing. Perhaps evil scientists kidnapped the real Timmy to use him for a biochemical experiment. What we have now might be a clone. Even his Instagram account has become boring. Good Lord, what is going on?

Timmy has continued putting out singles with consistency but they just didn’t connect. He recently did a song with Redsan called “Atekwe.” It tanked badly. His other recent songs “Pogna Matin”, “Mary Jane”, “Magaldem” and “Kitambo” haven’t been outstanding either. I actually loved “Mary Jane” but most people didn’t. I even included it in my list of favorite songs last year but I was told by many that it was the only poor choice. The general consensus was that the song wasn’t any good.  

I have always loved Timmy and so I am deeply concerned about him. I love his personality, the way he interacts with people while full of energy. I’ve learned a thing or two from him by observing how he carries himself.

In Kenya, we have seen some artistes stand the test of time while others have plummeted from the peak of fame’s mountain after working so hard to reach there.

Remember the likes of Pili Pili, Flex, Marya and Cannibal? At this point, I am worried that after reaching the highest height of his meteoric ascension, Timmy might be tumbling downhill like Jack and Jill.

I would have called for patience but it’ll be pointless. Personally, I can be patient with Timmy even if his next hit will come in 2020, but things move quite quickly in today’s entertainment industry.

The public is normally quite ruthless too. People never have the time to dally on one musician if they aren’t performing. The public simply moves on.

Timmy’s decision to take a job as a radio presenter with NRG radio last year was seen by many as a bad move. It’s possibly one of the things that put a dent in his career.

Even he himself in a past interview admitted that he had to leave radio because music is a jealous career which doesn’t like to be paired with other careers.

This is not entirely true. People like Sheila Mwanyigha (Nikki) and Sanaipei Tande juggled between music and radio careers quite well when they were at their prime.

Internationally, we usually see lots of musicians who double up as actors as well. And they do both of these things very well. In fact, lady Gaga recently won both an Oscar for acting and a Grammy for singing.

So, music is not a jealous career. It just depends on how hard you are willing to push yourself.  

Maybe Timmy is just caught up in the luxuries of fame.

One of the major things that make artistes fall off is the vast disconnection between the hungry person they were when they were pursuing their big dream and the ‘basking in glory’ person they become after accomplishing what they were badly seeking.

It’s no secret that Timmy loves the life of the party so maybe he might be doing more ‘play’ than ‘work.’ This can be easily be rectified if he just sits down and gets serious. Longevity is the offspring of talent mating with focus.

“I miss the old Timmy Tdat.” That’s a statement that should be said in the year 2025. But sadly it has to be said now. Timmy needs to recognize that his current work is awry. He needs to start afresh. Come back Timmy Tdat. Come back to who you were before. Start releasing good music again. We are waiting.