Diamond and I still together despite EP Snub: Tanasha

Thursday February 13 2020
tanasha pic

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platinumz. Tanasha maintains that her loving relationship with the father of her son is blossoming like never before. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


NRG former presenter and singer Tanasha Donna has insisted that her love relationship with Tanzania heartthrob Diamond Platinumz is still intact following break up rumours after her boyfriend snubbed her Donnatella EP launch a week ago in Nairobi.

Diamond flew into the country a day before the EP launch and even accompanied Tanasha to her press conference of the event, but flew back home to Dar es Salaam  immediately after the presser, citing an emergency.

Diamond would later take to his Instagram to explain that he had been forced to fly back home because of a family matter that needed his attention.

The turn of events led to speculations that things were no longer rosy between the two, with many critics concluding that their love had grown sour.

With the rumour still swirling, Tanasha has come out to refute these claims, maintaining that her loving relationship with the father of her son is blossoming like never before.

Speaking on Wilkings Fadhili's podcast, Tanasha insists that it was an emergency and Diamond had no choice but to leave and go back home to attend to the matter.


“He would not waste his time coming to Nairobi if his intent was not to attend the event. Clearly something happened, something that was urgent that caused him to leave, otherwise he wouldn't have come all the way in the first place with his whole team, his entourage.

It’s just a waste of money, a waste of time. So clearly, something did happen. It’s a little bit personal, but everything is fine between us. We are about to release our music video next week,” Tanasha explains in the podcast.

The couple has now been dating for almost a year and a half since they went public with their relationship.