Why Don Moen’s music is balm to my soul

Saturday November 11 2017

The writer poses for a photo with Don Moen on

The writer poses for a photo with Don Moen on November 9, 2017 at Sankara Hotel. He is in the country for a gospel worship concert to be held on Saturday at Christ is The Answer Ministries (CITAM) Karen with Lenny Leblanc. PHOTO| COURTESY 

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I love music. I dance to reggae songs, hum when I hear a Lingala song play and I can’t help but move my body to Ribina music (Kisii version of Mugithi).

But then there are other songs that when I turn the volume up, I have to silence everything around me so I can listen to them word by word, verse by verse.

Sometimes, I could be singing but you will not see my mouth move. Some tears maybe because these kinds of songs are a master. They go past your intellect and emotions and seek audience with your spirit. They lay your soul bare and in that instance, you want to pray.

One of that song for me is “I am the Lord that Healeth Thee” by the legendary Don Moen.

Here are a few lyrics from the song: I am the Lord that healeth thee/

I am the Lord your healer/I sent my word and healed your disease/

I am the Lord your healer

If you are sick, listen to that song. If you are going through a breakup, let it mend your heart, piece by piece. When I am in a financial crisis, the song is my bridge to my next miracle.

There is something about Don Moen’s collection of songs. I don’t know what is more unfathomable; that the 66-year old American song writer has fans that cut across all classes and ages or  though in Nashville, Tennessee, when he releases a song, a soul is rescued at the heart of Kuala Lumpur.


I started to listen to his songs a time when I couldn’t even get the lyrics right. When I was too young to understand that he was an international singer.

The hit song of all time, “God Will Make a Way” became an anthem each time we had a family get-together.

Back to my song, it reminds me of the time when my best cousin was fighting for his life in the hospital after a grisly road accident, a day after his birthday.

He was not in a position to pick up his phone so I decided to communicate to him through that song. Through it, I cried to God for his healing but since He had already had plans for his life, we lost him.


When I met Don Moen the other day at Sankara Hotel, I wanted to tell him of  that time when his song was not enough to rescue my cousin but while still stuck in that thought, it reminded me of a time the same song rescued me from me.

I was broken-hearted and heavy laden. So many things were going haywire in my life and I couldn’t even get myself to pray. I decided to listen to broken music (those that make you feel even worse after listening).

If you don’t know such songs, listen to “Angel’s Cry” by Mariah Carey after going through a break up then tell me how it feels.

Somehow, the song was in the playlist and the moment it started to play, the atmosphere changed. My spirit became alert of my surroundings and for the first time in a long time, I prayed.

I replayed the song countless times and with each time, my spirit was being renewed and God took away my burdens and mended my broken heart.

If you are wondering why I am paying this tribute to Don Moen, let me make it clear that he is not dead. You people killed him some time ago on the internet but when I met him the other day, he was so alive. I can guess he is already planning for his 80th    birthday.

I am acknowledging him because after 30 years since he released his first album give thanks in 1987, he has remained true to gospel music. Search the history books and you will not find a scandal about him. Wait, there’s one; that he divorced his wife of 44 years, Laura. That is biggest lie ever told about him. “Who would divorce a woman that loves him unconditionally and has been his source of strength?” he asks.

Moen has given the world collection of songs and albums that draw people closer to God in a mighty way.

My interview with him was a blessing and I got to tap into the anointing. If you want a share too, he is in his second visit to Kenya for the Nairobi worship concert that is happening Saturday evening at Citam Karen.

You might also want to go there for guest performances from Lenny Leblanc, Adwanage band, Rebekah Dawn and Mercy Masika.