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Fally Ipupa: Why I left Koffi’s band

Wednesday October 11 2017

Fally Ipupa performs at  Bomas, Nairobi  on

Fally Ipupa performs at Bomas, Nairobi on 15th July 2011. PHOTO| DENNIS OKEYO 

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If you have ever wondered what happened between Fally Ipupa and Koffi Olomide that led to the former leaving the band, then wonder no more.

Fally, who recently headlined the Koroga Festival, opened up about why he decamped from Koffis band.
The 39-year-old Fally, who will be celebrating 11 years as a solo musician after being Koffi’s composer, singer, guitarist and dancer in Quartier Latin International, opened up about why he left during the recently held Koroga Festival.  

Fally says he moved because of Koffi was “bad”. Apparently, Koffi tried to persuade him to come back but he refused.  

“When I was with the band, he was a bad man ruling us like a General, just like his nickname The General. But nowadays he has changed.

He is like a father to me and even last week I was having a concert in Kinshasa and he came on stage,” Fally said in an interview.
Since leaving the band and releasing his first solo album that same year 2006, Fally has never looked back, establishing himself as one of the best Lingala stars, whom you have to pay expensively to attend their gigs.

Fans will remember that Fally once apologised to Kenyans on behalf of Koffi when he slapped one of his female dancers at the airport and was deported.