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PLAN B: A hilarious Kenyan love tale with a twist

Thursday February 14 2019

A screen grab of a scene from the film

A screen grab of a scene from the film "Plan B". PHOTO | COURTESY 

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A terrible and unexpected breakup, a drinking binge, a stranger in a bar, and a one-night stand conspire to leave a broke stylist pregnant and with a seemingly difficult future ahead.

Lisa Waweru (played by Sarah Hassan) finds herself in a dire situation, nursing a heartbreak and questioning why her ex Ethan (Lenana Kariba) left her; and wondering what to do next with the unexpected pregnancy. That is, until, by chance, she discovers that her one-night stand is a successful and wealthy Nigerian man, Dele Coker (Daniel Etim Effiong), based in Nairobi.

Lisa’s friend Joyce (Catherine Kamau Karanja) hatches a plan to get some money and support from Dele and convinces Lisa to buy in to her plan. It is also here that we meet Dele’s no-nonsense lawyer (Justin Mirichii), who’s not willing to go down without a fight.

The film script of Plan B was relatable, with creative twists. However, I had this nagging feeling that so much of it seemed to have been borrowed from many other love stories — struggling young woman meets rich man; some trouble brews; and they face many we wait to see what happens next. The beginning of the movie is captivating and the plot unravels well, although from around five minutes into the movie it gets a bit slow and then picks up again. Halfway into the movie, when the characters are trying to resolve a dilemma, it starts becoming increasingly and disappointingly predictable. But the laughter and pun turn it into an entertaining film.

A screen grab of a scene from the film

A screen grab of a scene from the film "Plan B". PHOTO | COURTESY



Overall, the acting and cinematography blended well to tell a relatable story of a Kenyan girl caught up in an unplanned situation and trying to do what’s best for her and her baby.

Sarah and Catherine’s acting is flawless; although there are some scenes where Sarah’s character left me wondering if that could happen in real life. Most of the hilarious scenes were played out by Catherine’s character, Joyce, a woman who wants to get rich and stop ‘hustling’ as a restaurant manager. Some of her witty and sometimes unnecessary but hilarious comments, such as “It’s not my fault you look like a baby elephant,” remind me of a nosy campus girl trying to make ends meet but still being the friend in deed. Joyce’s plans always seem perfect until they go slightly wrong; and she tries to reverse the situation. Without Joyce, there would be little, if any, laughable moments.

It is no surprise that Catherine plays the comic role in Plan B, just as she brings out the hilarious character Sue in the Maisha Magic East television series "Sue na Jonnie".

Plan B is a family-friendly film that would also make for a cosy Valentine’s evening date night, where the love in the air is punctuated by laughter. It premiered on NTV on the night of February 13th, 2019 and will be released worldwide on February 14th, 2019 on Lowladee YouTube Channel, in partnership with Kenyan Production company Alfajiri Productions.

This dramedy, is yet another feather in the cap of Kenyan films. It was shot in Nairobi, produced by Sarah Hassan, and written, directed and edited by Lowladee. It stars Sarah Hassan, Catherine Kamau Karanja, Daniel Etim Effiong, Lenana Kariba, Justin Mirichii, Zahraa Khassam, Chantelle Naisola, Mary Gacheri.

Sarah Hassan has made a name for herself in the Kenyan film industry as a prolific actress, TV host, producer and a model, while Lowladee (real name Dolapo Adeleke) is a filmmaker and storyteller who has directed and produced a number of movies and a television series available on her YouTube Channel.


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