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THE REEL: Tom Cruise takes us on an exciting trip in MI 6

Friday July 27 2018

A screen grab from the trailer of

A screen grab from the trailer of "Mission Impossible 6: Fallout". PHOTO | YOUTUBE 

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Mission Impossible 6: Fallout is finally out. There had been a lot of hype surrounding the movie.

This was especially so when it came out that Henry Cavill, aka Super Man, had been growing a moustache for his role in the movie and that he wasn’t even willing to shave it off during extensive reshoots of DC’s Justice League. The reshoots were done after Zack Snyder stepped down as director in the post-production stages to deal with his daughter’s suicide and Joss Whedon took the reins.

Cavill’s action showed how Paramount Pictures were banking it big for this movie. True to the trailers, the movie is a mega hit.

On Wednesday night, I had the opportunity to watch the film with an exclusive audience at Anga Diamond Plaza II, and, of course, I took a couple of friends with me. It gives me more board space to get to bounce reactions off of people. After an enjoyable meal and a few hours of mingling, we made a beeline to Theatre 4 for the movie’s start at about 8pm.

A screen grab from the trailer of

A screen grab from the trailer of "Mission Impossible 6: Fallout". PHOTO | YOUTUBE


Fallout takes over from where Rogue Nation left off. Agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) had gotten the better of terrorist Solomon Lane (Sean Harris) – arguably his most formidable foe yet – in the custody of IMF (Impossible Missions Force, and not to be confused with International Monetary Fund like I used to in the beginning).

However, while at a safe house in Belfast, he receives news that three plutonium cores have been stolen by a terrorist group which calls itself The Apostles. They are related to The Syndicate, an extremely powerful international terrorist organisation that was the main antagonistic faction assisting Solomon Lane in Rogue Nation.

Now, Hunt has to rally his team of IMF operatives – Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames) and Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg) – to stop the scheme of the terrorists before they can create three portable nuclear weapons and unleash a catastrophic attack somewhere in the world.

He has to try and get to the bad guys on time and end their mad agenda, which also includes wanting to break out the imprisoned Lane. But for some reason, CIA Director Erica Sloane (Angela Bassett), instructs Special Activities operative August Walker (Henry Cavill) to shadow Hunt as he attempts to retake the plutonium at a meet with an arms dealer.

The CIA believes that Hunt, who has been disavowed by the US government over and over again, has finally lost patience and belief in the system and that is why The Apostles are seemingly outsmarting him easily.

Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin), Secretary of IMF, is seemingly the only one keeping Hunt and his crew from being hauled off to prison before they get a chance to complete their recovery mission and prove their innocence.

A screen grab of a scene from the trailer of

A screen grab of a scene from the trailer of "Mission Impossible 6: Fallout". PHOTO | YOUTUBE


This Mission Impossible movie, unlike the others, hardly relies on the impossible part in order to make the franchises hardcore fans excited. The previous movies relied on the most unbelievable stunts, ear-shuttering and largest flame ball explosions, as well as far-fetched car chases and stunts that you would call out even with your eyes closed.

You won’t believe it when I tell you (that is if you didn’t already know) that the director, Christopher McQuarrie, also directed Rogue Nation.

It’s good to see movie producers listening to the concerns of and critique from fans. Rouge Nation had been especially criticised for its totally obvious flaws that were too outrageous even for a movie, even if the movie is pegged on impossibilities.

This time, Fallout has a deep plot and focuses more on the people in the story than the stunts and CGIs. You get to understand the characters more. There is also a lot of humour and camaraderie between the characters (subtler and more natural than in the previous movies, but still more frequently).

However, it wouldn’t be a Mission Impossible movie if it didn’t have heart-in-your-mouth moments, a lot of suspense, and other ohmigosh car and foot chase scenarios.

The scoring was also right, and Tom Cruise is just one amazing action star even past his mid-50s. The movie is an exciting trip that gives in one scenario and then takes away what you thought you had figured out in the next. You definitely won’t be disappointed when you go to watch this.

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