Wema Sepetu slams rumours of affair with Diamond

Wednesday October 18 2017

Wema Sepetu and Diamond at a past event. There

Wema Sepetu and Diamond at a past event. There have been rumours going round that they are having an affair. The two were dating before Diamond met his wife Zari. PHOTO| FILE| NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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It’s no secret that nearly all of bongo flava star Diamond’s scandals revolve around women.

The ghost of his ex-girlfriends’ past continue haunting in long after he moved on. Long after he confessed to cheating on Zari, the mother of his children, with Hamisa Mobetto.

The latest rumour (It always starts out as a rumour, doesn’t it?) involved model and actress Wema Sepetu, whom he dated before Zari.

Showbiz gossip sites in Tanzania have it that Diamond has been secretly flirting with her.

The rumour alleges that Wema has been sneaking to the crooners’ palatial home in Madale, Dar es Salaam secretly especially at night and that the two have been spending some quality time together because Zari is not always around.

Wema has come out to address the issue in a newspaper interview withTanzania's Ijumaa Wikienda, expressing her shock over the fake news insisting that since ever breaking up with Diamond, nothing has ever happened between them.

“Unajua kuna habari nyingine zinaweza kukushangaza sana. Kwenye kumbukumbu zangu Madale nilikwenda wakati nyumba inajengwa kwa sababu nilikuwa bado nipo kwenye uhusiano wa kimapenzi, lakini siku hizi za karibuni, sijawahi kukanyaga huko."

(At time there are certain news that shock you. As far as I can remember, the last time I visited Madale was when the house was being built and then I was still in a relationship with him. But since we broke up, I have never set foot on those premises.)
She goes on to say that people are taking advantage of the current Zari and Diamond situation to fabricate a  fake story roping her in,  that is only meant to hurt the Ugandan socialite who seems to have forgiven the musician.
“Watu wanashindwa kuelewa kwa sasa kila mtu ana uhusiano wake hivyo kusema vitu kama hivyo ni kuharibiana uhusiano ambao unaendelea kwa hivi sasa kwa kila mmoja na hakuna kitu kibaya kama mtu kuvunja uhusiano wake kwa maneno ya kusikia ambayo hayana ukweli,” Wema added.
(People just don’t get it that right now everyone of us moved on and we in different relationships. You cannot come up with such a story because the only motive of such a move is to hurt the one he is currently dating and same applies to my current relationship. This is not true. It’s all wrong.)