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CELEB CONFESSIONS: Why Cannibal turned to Jesus

Wednesday September 13 2017

Legendary Coast-based hip-hop artist Ralph

Legendary Coast-based hip-hop artist Ralph Sandal Masai, famously known as Cannibal as well as going by Shettah, has become the latest secular musician to "see the light". PHOTO| THOMAS MATIKO 

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Legendary Coast-based hip-hop artist Ralph Sandal Masai, famously known as Cannibal as well as going by Shettah, has become the latest secular musician to "see the light". He recently talked to about his life new life and what prompted him to cross to the other side.

After more than a decade in the secular world, you decided to get saved, why now?
You may have realised that I took a hiatus from music a few years ago. All that while, I had been contemplating salvation. There are these two friends of mine who kept preaching to me about salvation but I remained undecided until recently when I finally gave in and got saved. I feel it’s an appropriate time because everything happens for a reason. Besides, these are the very last days as the Bible says and everyone is turning back to religion. Even Snoop Dogg has converted to Islam.


Many still won’t believe you for simple reason, you got saved after losing an election?
To be honest with you, I would say me losing elections accelerated my decision to get saved.

Really, why was that?
Simple reason, witchcraft.

What! Could you expound on that?
When I got into politics, I thought it would be a walk in the park but oh boy how wrong I was! It wasn’t as easy as I had expected. I realised most of my competitors and other politicians would go to any length so as to win an election. Many of them are involved with black magic, something they owe allegiance to due to their success in the political arena. So with me not being one who believes in black magic, I questioned what side I’m on.


That’s when I made the decision to accept Jesus Christ as my personal saviour.

Would you blame witchcraft for your loss in the past general elections?
Yes, definitely. Noting how popular I was at the grass root level, my opponents used it against me and it kind of worked to their advantage. I wish I had gotten saved by then, they wouldn’t have stood a chance.

So, with your new life as a Christian, will you still involve yourself with politics?
Oh yes! As a matter of fact, come 2022 I will vie again for Mtopanga Ward. I now know how thing works and I will be more than ready to tackle every single obstacle that will come my way. You can bet on that.

Don’t you think that will contradict your new found faith?
Not at all. If anything, politics needs men of God, who can tell and stand by the truth and that’s what I will be representing when I vie again. Another reason would be to neutralize the dark magic, one will surely need anointing. I believe I will prosper in Jesus’ name.

What has immediately changed in your life after accepting Christ?
My lifestyle. There is no more clubbing for me, no drinking and no more girls. All I want is to stick to the word of God.

But I thought you were married and even have a baby, you still chased girls around?
(laughing) Not really, but you know as a man, once in a while you find yourself craving and admiring beautiful girls that you encounter. Besides, don’t forget I was in the showbiz world and these people can’t be avoided because they are always around.

So when will you be dropping you first gospel song?
I already have a few recorded and will be dropping them soon. However I want to state that I won’t be limiting myself to only gospel music, I will also be doing inspirational songs for instance, when I decide to sing about ‘mama’.