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Zari warns Diamond against flirting with other women

Friday December 1 2017

Bongo flava heart-throb Diamond Platnumz and

Bongo flava heart-throb Diamond Platnumz and the mother of his two children Zari Hassan pose for a photo. Their relationship has had its fair share of troubles in the recent past . PHOTO| COURTESY 

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It seems like Zari is yet to fully heal from the wounds of the cheating scandal that rocked her relationship with Diamond a few months ago.

Diamond, in a radio interview, confessed to having an affair and siring a child with video vixen Hamisa Mobetto.

In a cryptic Instagram message, she warned him against “trying to cheat on her: at his manager Babu Tale’s party in honour of the latter’s baby-welcoming party. Babu had posted the invitation on Instagram as well inviting them to the party on Saturday.

It has been a long-standing tradition at Wasafi records that whenever a newborn baby turns 40 days, a party would be held in their honour.

Both of Diamond’s babies received a similar treat as did Rayvanny’s.

Knowing very well what goes down at such parties, Zari decided to weigh in with a comment that was directed at her baby daddy and well-known chic magnet Diamond:

“Naomba mashetani wasitupitie kwa mauledi. Naomba Dr Sanura aweke ubani wakutosha. Nasubir pilau kwa DHL.”

(I pray that this time round, the devil won’t deceive you at the party with the girls around. I request Dr Sanura (Diamonds’ mum) to burn incense to keep away the ‘devils’. In the meantime, I will be waiting for my pilau (Spicy rice) via DHL.”

Zari was referring to Diamond’s excuse after the cheating scandal when he blamed the devil for his actions.