Big Bang Theory’s spinoff ‘Young Sheldon’ review: What it is and isn’t

Friday October 13 2017

Young Sheldon is the story of an extremely

Young Sheldon is the story of an extremely gifted boy who struggles to relate socially with his parents and friends in East Texas, 1989. Recreating the young life of genius albeit socially alienated physicist, Sheldon Cooper. PHOTO| COURTESY| YOUTUBE 

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Big Bang Theory’s comedy fans have something new to anticipate this year: Young Sheldon. Starring 9 year old actor, Iain Armitage, Young Sheldon is a spinoff of the Big Bang Theory that focuses on the formative years of lead actor, Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper).

Young Sheldon is the story of an extremely gifted boy who struggles to relate socially with his parents and friends in East Texas, 1989. Recreating the young life of genius albeit socially alienated physicist, Sheldon Cooper, Young Sheldon may or may not excite you as an avid fan of the adult TV show; The Big Bang Theory.


If there is one lovable aspect of Young Sheldon that makes it special, it’s the relationship between Sheldon and his parents, George (Lance Barber) and Mary (Zoe Perry). (Zoe Perry is the daughter of actress Laurie Metcalf, who played grownup Sheldon’s Mother in the Bing Bang Theory).

In the promo trailer aired on CBS late last month, the relationship between Sheldon and his family is portrayed as strained.
Sheldon is often bickering with his siblings, while his strong in faith mother struggles to understand him in every aspect. Like the Big Bang Theory’s Mary, young Sheldon’s mother is deeply concerned about his son’s wellbeing, often turning to prayer to ask for his son’s protection. It’s also fascinating how Zoe Perry’s mannerisms match with that of her real mother, Laurie Metcalf, including her voice and body language.


Young Sheldon hopes to invoke your nostalgic childhood days with the sense of fashion, sacrifices made by parents and family focused interactions. There are often moments of Sheldon’s parents reminding their kids the sacrifices they have to make. Although not explicitly, Sheldon does realize the sacrifices his parents are making to have him thrive on his extreme intellect.

As movie critic, Corey Chichizola, of summarizes,

“The story of a slightly dysfunctional but loving family is something we can all get. And with Iain Armitage's performance leading the way, the new show is very user friendly.”


Surprisingly, the annoying albeit hilarious Sheldon Cooper offers his voice over narration in the new show-expected to resume in November 5, 2017.

When the pilot episode begins, it’s Jim Parsons who introduces us to his younger self, his family members and his first day joining high school as a nine year old.

9 year old Iain Armitage (right), takes on the

9 year old Iain Armitage (right), takes on the role of the socially inept genius from The Big Bang Theory in his early years. PHOTO| COURTESY| YOUTUBE

There are few funny punch lines in the pilot episode-unless you find humour in young Sheldon’s inappropriate responses-but Jim Parson’s narration does add great appeal to the show.

All along, young Sheldon is portrayed as what many parents would term, ‘naughty and disrespectful.’ But it’s these inappropriate responses, done in a perky voice that lets you understand how different young Sheldon is from the rest of his family members, schoolmates and the society at large.


“This girl’s blouse is diaphanous, which means I can see her brassiere,” Sheldon tells his teacher on his first day in high school.

At church, Sheldon asks his mother loudly when he should be expecting his testicles after his twin sister promises to hit his crotch, of which he replies he doesn’t have yet as they (testicles) have not descended.

The show’s punchlines may come as a big surprise to fans waiting for the nerdy comedy created by Big Bang Theory.

There are few moments that create humour in the show actually, which may put off a lot of Big Bang Theory diehards.

Young Sheldon’s literal view of the world and lack of interest in social aspects of life maybe what this new show is all about, but it’s not really funny-at least with view of the first episode released.


For someone who has watched all ten seasons of the Big Bang Theory, predicting Young Sheldon won’t be particularly difficult. In the Big Bang Theory, Sheldon’s life with his family is depicted as sorry.

Grownup Sheldon views his parents as more of a burden, rather than a supporting family who stood by is side.


Sheldon’s most hilarious one-word response to his sarcastic lines in the Big Bang Theory will definitely come across as this show moves on. Bazinga!

We also expect to see Sheldon’s relationship with Meemaw (Sheldon’s sweet loving, grandmother), the death of his father and Sheldon’s attachment to trains.