CELEB BUZZ: Hard work keeps Eric Omondi at the top

Sunday July 15 2018

Comedian Eric Omondi. PHOTO | FILE

It’s hard to be consistently funny.

My cousin is an expert at triggering laughter but even he has those moments when he says something and we are like, “No. That’s not it. This time you should have just kept quiet man.”

Eric Omondi has those moments too but they are scarce. He is a rare kind of jokester who is blessed enough to be effortlessly hilarious – no forcing.

When one of his posts appears on your feed, you start laughing even before checking it out. His appearance alone elicits mirth. He could talk about sand and still have me on the floor in stitches.

Funny aside, he is one of the hardest working celebrities in Kenya.

Eric stage

Eric Omondi performing during the Night of a Thousand Laughs on June 7, 2014. PHOTO | FILE


Ever since he broke into the scene about 10 years ago, he has remained dedicated to giving his fans the best end product possible. He has been characterised by a work ethic that cannot be equalled by anyone.

Since his days at "Churchill Show" (it was "Churchill Live" back then), he has never slowed down. He has kept on moving at top speed like a Bugatti Chiron being driven by famous British petrol-head Jeremy Clarkson on a test track.

In every industry, new talents emerge all the time, making it increasingly difficult for those at the top to remain there. This has never applied to Eric.

Lots of new comedians have popped up over the years but none of them has managed to pull the crown from his head. That’s because he hasn’t allowed them to. He has made it clear that everyone else can fight for number two - number one is his to keep.


Eric acting as a model. PHOTO | FILE

Fame can be fleeting so building your craft should be the most important thing. People with insane work ethic tend to stay at the top longer because most of the competition doesn’t work as hard.

Eric Omondi is such a person. He is an entertainer who you can’t ask the question “What do you have for us today?” That’s because he always has something for us today.


It takes a special breed to stay winning. Eric has never stopped adding fuel to the engine that fuels his development as an entertainer. He always tries to top what he did before.

He also knows how to rescue himself from looming disaster. During periods when he was crucified by critics and it looked like his reputation was in jeopardy (see the kids scandal), he still managed to make people laugh as a powerhouse again (see his current tour all over the country).

This has been somewhat of a constant drift throughout his storied career – a slight tumble is usually followed by a big jump, thus making it very easy for us to forget his failures.


Eric Omondi performs at the Safaricom Live event in Eldoret on November 9, 2013. PHOTO | FILE

A major variable of Eric Omondi's success formula is his penchant for variety.

He does different kinds of things and doesn’t just rely on one method to make people laugh. At one moment, he’ll drop a humorous remix of an artiste’s song, before you know it, he’ll be making parodies of Nigerian movies and then the next moment, he’ll be diving into rivers.

Eric also understands the business side of things more than other comedians. Perhaps, the only person that can rival him in that department is Njugush. He knows how to make a lot of money and money is good.


Eric Omondi (centre) performs at the Machakos Golf Club on October 26, 2013. PHOTO | FILE

The majority of entertainers conveniently seem to forget that show-business (showbiz) has two words. They just focus on the “show” and forget about the “business”.

As I mentioned earlier, most people at the top don’t work hard. As a result, it is very difficult to find inspiration from them. You just can’t trace a path to how they got where they are.

However, if you are looking to follow people who will inspire you to work harder than you’ve ever done before, Eric Omondi is legitimately one of those people.

Will Smith, when asked why he is successful, said and I quote: "To be honest, I’ve never really pictured myself as an overly-talented person. Where I excel is in a ridiculous, sickening work ethic. While the other guy is sleeping, I’m working. While the other guy is eating, I’m working."

I have a feeling that if you threw the reason-for-success query at Eric, he’ll give you a very similar answer.


Eric Omondi has earned his success through hard work. PHOTO| FILE

He’s our version of Kevin Hart. No, he doesn’t have the private jet or a hundred movies with The Rock, but in terms of raw skill and business acumen, he’s the Realest Husband of Hollywood himself, with more height and a better hairstyle.

Just think about it. It’s been years at the top for Eric...10 years, yet his joke crafting prowess is still as impeccable as it was when he started.

That’s a long time. Numbers do not lie. Women lie, men lie, your favourite politician lies, my exes lied that they loved me, but numbers do not lie.