Concours getting brighter and younger

Wednesday October 02 2019

Larry Asego and his crew in his Volkswagen Camper during the procession of motorcycles and cars during the parade at Concours d'Elegance, held at Ngong Racecourse on September 29, 2019. PHOTO| THOMAS RAJULA

As the night fell on the 2019 Concours d’Elegance classic cars and motorcycles show, Gwaash and 34GVN’s “Wabebe” could be heard blaring into the open skies above Ngong Racecourse. It was not a coincidence that the ‘gengetone’ sound would make it so comfortably on DJ Joe Mfalme’s list at an event that is considered a classy affair.

Kenya’s demography in the middle class society is gaining more youthful entrants by the day. There’s more disposable income for young people to indulge in their dream cars and motorcycles, which in some cases means restoring old models that they grew up admiring.

In order to show off their hard work, because who doesn’t want to be commended for doing tremendous things, they enter competitions like Concours.

This, coupled with the fact that ticket prices are relatively affordable, makes the crowd at this exhibition event get younger. You are now more likely to pass youthful faces in the crowds than older ones.


Concours is still considered a kind of niche spectacle and the generation now is one that wants to be seen on social media as being in spaces of opulence.


More importantly, though, is the fact that the organisers realise that if this is to become a culture for future generations you have to include the youth. Entrants are involving their families in the art of maintenance. This year’s winner, John Wroe, beat his daughter Veronica as she came in second.

The best thing about the concluded showcase was the almost completed expansion of Ngong Road which saw an almost obliteration of the experienced traffic gridlock of the past years.

Some things remained constant, however. The Ugandan bikers are still giving their Kenyan counterparts a run for their money with their newer model bikes and Nyahsinski was the main entertainer for the third year in a row.