How to spend Sh1.2m on Valentines

Friday February 5 2016

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Do you have a cool Sh1.2 million to spend on Valentine’s Day? Then Giraffe Ark in Nyeri County claims the place to spend some quality time with your loved one.

Proprietor Peter Mahu says this is not too much money for someone who values love and friendship.

He says the package entails fabulous treats among them a to-and-fro ride in a white limo from Nairobi to the lodge.

And when the lucky couple arrives, a red carpet awaits them all the way to the Presidential Suite.

“The suite has an enormous living room and bedroom with personalised spar. Thrown in is a free massage and a gym,” Mr Mahu adds.

At the same time he says, a chef will be at the beck and call of the couple to order a meal of their choice at any time they are in the lodge.

Outside the suite, two horses will be tethered and a full time guide is ready to take the couple round the lodge, which nestles at the foot of the magnificent Aberdare Ranges, 30 kilometres from Nyeri town and 180 kilometres from Nairobi.

The luxury and class is echoed throughout the lodge with shiny mazeras stone finishes.

And if the couple loves riding, mountain bikes are provided.

In the evening, a one-man guitar show is offered in the room to provide romantic lyrics of the couple’s choice.

The couple is expected to check in on February 13 and leave on the 15.

On the last day, they are treated to a free game drive to Solio Ranch for the big five game drive.

As part of the package, the couple can visit seven days in a year for the rest of their lives.

It is not clear what guarantees there are that the lifetime deal would be honoured should the hotel management change.

At the same time, said the hotelier, one can to pass on the days to friends or ask management to sell them on his behalf.

“This is also an investment opportunity as well as a fantastic place for one to express his or her love for their loved one.

“The package will be offered on a first-come first-serve basis to avoid claim of favourism,” he said.

The proprietor said he came up with the idea after he realised many Kenyans were spending a lot of their money travelling abroad for Valentine’s Days to experience what they can offer best.

He said Kenya is known for its magnificent sites that attract tourists from all corners of the world.

The decision, said Mr Mahu, is also meant to boost tourism in the country and more so in Nyeri County, known as the home of freedom fighters.

Last year, Villa Rosa Kempinski, a luxury hotel in Chiromo Road in Nairobi, offered an almost similar package, with the presidential suite going for Sh2.34 million.