Chef Jimmy Mwamburi Nyangea, culinary studies lecturer

Friday August 22 2014

How did you become a chef? When I studied hotel management at Utalii College, I loved the kitchen so I decided to specialise in this area. I have worked for the Tamarind Group and Block Hotels in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

 What was one of your career highlights? One highlight was being the Principal for the Kikwetu cookery show this year. I have also cooked for four presidents and would like to cook for the Pope.

 What is the best advice you’ve been given? To succeed in the food business, cook food that pleases your guests and not yourself.

 What is your favourite dish? I love to eat our Taita traditional food “Kimanga cha Marughuu”

 Do you prefer cookbooks, the internet or watching food shows? I use all three; the internet and food channels are more current with information.

 What are your three favourite restaurants? Mpambe, Amaica and Carnivore restaurants.


 What is your view of Kenyan cuisine? Kenyan cuisine is splendid, especially Swahili cuisine. It has gained popularity amongst most nations.

 What advice would you give our readers? Keep it simple. Don’t complicate your food

 What kitchen tools are indispensable to you? The cook’s knife, a whisk, a grater, a sieve and a rolling pin.

 What are the keys to success in your field? Interest, drive, loving what I do, a positive attitude and tenacity.

 What are your future plans post-retirement? I plan to go back to my county and establish a hotel school to train pastry chefs.