THE DISH: Nyama Mama crowned 'Continent Winner for African Cuisine'

Monday August 20 2018

Nyama Mama scoops titles for 'Continent Winner for African Cuisine’ at the World Luxury Restaurant Awards 2018 and ‘Best Home Style Cuisine’ at the MEA African Excellence Awards 2018. PHOTO| COURTESY


We are back on Nairobi's food scene once again this time anticipating awards left right and centre and looking forward to another sequel. Who am I talking about? Nyama Mama, of course.

I know, I know, they're a regular feature in my articles, but it is what it is; one of my favourite spots to go in Nairobi when I am looking for fantastic, comfortable décor and a chapati quesadilla. Yes, it's a thing.

In 2018, a few select Kenyan restaurants and chefs have been featured in the news often for winning international awards, among them The Lord Erroll's sweeping wins at the World Luxury Restaurant Awards, and the Luxury Travel Guide Awards, not forgetting Kaluhi of Kaluhi's Kitchen's featured in a global cookbook , Beyond the Plate in 2017.


Nyama Mama Brand's winning team. PHOTO| COURTESY.

The most recent recognition? The Nyama Mama brand, has been awarded the title of ‘Continent Winner for African Cuisine’ at the 2018 World Luxury Restaurant Awards, as well as the title of ‘Best Home Style Cuisine’ at the MEA African Excellence Awards 2018.

These timely winnings come coincidentally in tandem with Nyama Mama's launch of its newest full service branch at Capital Centre – a drive through or a few tables assembled at a food court type of branch. It is going to take up the space that Haveli used to have at Capital Centre. There are four Nyama Mama branches to date – at Delta Towers, at Village Market, at Yaya and now the latest one at Capital Centre.


I'm going over there soon because you know how I love to test consistency and find a new joint. A review will be coming least I have warned you this time, yes?


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