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THE DISH: Exciting my taste buds with savoury Swahili dishes

Thursday November 8 2018

Chicken biryani served at Majid Restaurant, Nakuru.

Chicken biryani served at Majid Restaurant, Nakuru. PHOTO | MARGARET MAINA 

By Margaret Maina
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I love trying out new foods whenever I get the opportunity.

My lunches are often the normal chapati madondo, and a KFC treat once in a while. But there was a day I was seriously craving biryani.

My friend suggested we check out a new restaurant in town called Majid. It is located in the Central Business District of Nakuru Town, along Kenyatta Avenue, and serves Swahili, Continental and Asian dishes.

I realised I had passed by this restaurant often, but had never eaten there.

We were welcomed by friendly staff and the aroma wafting from the open plan kitchen, where chefs were busy working. Though the place was filling up quickly we managed to get a table.

We settled down and marvelled at the welcoming ambience, enjoying the slow jazz music in the background as we waited to make our orders.

Spaghetti bolognaise served at Majid Restaurant, Nakuru.

Spaghetti bolognaise served at Majid Restaurant, Nakuru. PHOTO | MARGARET MAINA


The menu offered a variety of options, and, for a moment, I was confused about what to eat even though I had come with a set mind on what I wanted to have.

I was torn between chicken and beef biryani but I finally settled on the chicken biryani, promising myself to sample the beef one on my next visit. My friend ordered the spaghetti bolognaise.

As we waited for our food, we glanced at several customers’ orders and their foods looked mouth-watering. The aroma and food presentation was top-notch.

Seeing people enjoy their savoury dishes made me hungrier.

Within a few minutes, our food was served and we dug in.

My chicken biryani was served with fresh salad and a thick gravy. The chicken was soft and the gravy blended in well. The rich flavours exploded in my mouth with my first spoonful.

Since my first visit, I have gone back to Majid five times, and counting, but my most memorable experience was the chicken biryani on my first visit.

If you visit Nakuru and are looking for a place to excite your taste buds, try out Majid Restaurant.


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