FIT&FAB: Guilt-free pastries to beat the cold

Wednesday July 4 2018

Who will munch on cucumbers and lettuce in this weather?

Rice banana mini muffins. PHOTO| COURTESY 


  • It is quite liberating to eat cake without worrying about the waistline.
  • My taste buds felt on the edge of a revolution.
  • Such are the highlights of my fitness journey.


In the spirit of acknowledging the struggle of weight gainers over the past few weeks, it is my sincere hope that the insight was helpful.

Actually, I welcome anyone who would be willing to share their weight gain experience with all of us.

Clearly, it is a journey that some of us will never experience happily. Not in this life anyway.

Every time I succumb to the urge of stepping on the weigh scales and find that I have added a gram, my heart sinks.

It is like a default setting such that even when the weight sits in pretty, it still feels awful to see the pointer tip a bit further down on the horrid scale.

I would be interested to hear an enthusiastic narration of weight gain. That diversity is simply fabulous; don’t you think?


July is here with all its chills. On this fourth day of the month, it sent a drizzle of body numbing mist to freeze us on the way to work. Last night, I laid out a pretty dress for today, but trust July to rain on my parade.

I have no problem changing my wardrobe, that is child’s play.

The real dance is handling the hunger pangs. I have been craving for munchies by the hour ever since this cold weather set in.

I know we have said here that snacking is healthy; I even recall listing some quick sumptuous salads for dealing with cravings some time back.

But, I beg, who will munch on cucumbers and lettuce in this weather? I cannot even look at guacamole without a shiver shooting through my spine. Sigh.

To make matters worse, I have to pass by a couple of bakeries on my way to work each morning.

The warm rich aroma infiltrates my numb nostrils, making me weak. Gluten has never smelt so good. Sugar has never been so tempting.

The other day I stole a glance at the pastry display in one of those cookie shops and to my horror, this gleaming chocolate muffin winked at me! Yes, it winked at me.

Then I heard it whisper in a sing-song, “if you want it come and get it nanana...”

I stood there transfixed for a good 10 seconds thinking about going to get it. Moments later, the baker placed a fresh batch of cupcakes next to the naughty coco muffin.

These ones came glistening with melted butter from the oven. They sat there proudly, looking all nice and yummy.

“Such show offs!” I muttered as I scampered away. I walked into the office, cold, hungry and depressed.



July calls for hot food to warm the belly. Hot tea is a start. But what do you have hot tea with when you are hell-bent on steering clear of wheat?

Sometimes, the weight loss journey feels a lot like a self-defeating mission. For the past few weeks, I have been hacking the cold weather by snacking on warm nuts and tea.

It doesn’t help that my crazy work schedule leaves no room for me to whip up stuff in the kitchen. Besides sweet potatoes, nuts and bananas, I was at a complete loss of what to take my tea with.

Then recently, I bumped into a small heaven for weight watchers, courtesy of my vibrant relationship with the internet. I could not believe my eyes.

Oat banana muffins. PHOTO| COURTESY 

Sweet potato chickpea muffins. PHOTO| COURTESY 

Right there one my screen was a display of the most gorgeous cupcakes, muffins and breads I have ever laid my eyes on. They were all gluten- and sugar-free.

I scrolled through each picture, a small ocean forming in my mouth.

All this time that I was being tormented by seductive pastries on the streets, I did not know there was a healthy and equally (or more) tantalizing option out there. I had found the one.

I am extra. Getting rid of most of the extra weight did not change that fact. So I slid into Coco’s Kitchen inbox with a heap of questions before placing my order. I was ecstatic to discover that they do deliveries as well.

Brown rice whole bread. PHOTO| COURTESY. 

I wanted all the tasty details from what made them start making these gluten free pastries to how they have them looking so delicious.

I have faith in healthy food looking great, do not get me wrong. These, however, were simply mind-blowing. The cakes taste divine.

It is quite liberating to eat cake without worrying about the waistline. My taste buds felt on the edge of a revolution. Such are the highlights of my fitness journey.

Coco's Diet Kitchen specialises in diet-friendly pastries, including sugar-, gluten- and dairy-free bakes. PHOTO| COURTESY 

I leave you with a snippet from our chat with Alice from Coco's Diet Kitchen.

“The inspiration is my daughter Evianna, nicknamed Coco. She is seven years old, living with autism. Therefore, she is on a strict diet, gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free, as well as omega 6-free.

"In the quest to provide her with yummy bread and snacks, I started trying out different bakes using gluten-free flour from rice, coconut, cassava, sweet potatoes and chickpea.

"I shared with some mums my peanut bread and suddenly everyone who tasted it wanted it. I made my first bake post on Facebook where it attracted 11 orders. Shortly after, we started Coco's Diet Kitchen in March 2018."

Coco's Diet Kitchen can be reached on 0777-776279 or on its Facebook page "Coco's Diet Kitchen".

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