How to get in shape in time for Valentine’s Day

Wednesday February 07 2018

You don’t want to arrive on that date with muscle aches or worse dozing off in the middle of a cozy movie out of a weeklong exhaustion. PHOTO| FILE


I was walking in town earlier this week and almost bumped into a street post as I gawked at the breathtakingly gorgeous lace and satin attires donned by mannequins on window displays in town.

My hopelessly romantic mind drifted into fantasy world and I saw myself in one of those deep red lace gowns, clutching on a red satin purse with my dreadlocks stylishly piled on top of my head leaving the diamond earrings with red emeralds in full view.

A lady who seemed to be in a hurry accidentally hit me as she zoomed past me, jerking me rudely from my reverie. I sighed under the scorching sun and made my way to the supermarket to replenish my stock of dried mint herbs.

With just one week to Valentine’s Day, love is definitely in the air. There’s more than love in their though. The pressure to look amazing, get the right gift, make reservations in the best hotels, get the mushiest romantic songs playlist, the list is endless.

One could argue that these things are the love in the air but I beg to differ. Most of these things are very expensive whereas love is free. That however is a story for another day.

Today, we will focus on getting ready for Valentines’ Day.



Whereas fitness is a lifetime commitment, its intensity may vary depending on various motivating factors. I have noticed that the number of people jogging every morning in my area has significantly increased.

In one of my fitness groups, someone out rightly posted that they needed their tummy flat before February 14 if she is to pull off the smashing lace dress she bought recently.

That makes a lot of sense. Even athletes put in extra effort a few weeks before a main event just to ensure they are top of their game on the D-Day. If you have dinner plans or a hot date planned for next week, here are a few pointers for this last week that would come in quite handy.


Save up your energy. You may be tempted to do more intensive workout for instant results but that could work against you.

Your regular workout routine will work out just fine. Are you into skipping rope? Morning jogs? Power walks? Cardio exercises? Stick with that.

You don’t want to arrive on that date with muscle aches or worse dozing off in the middle of a cozy movie out of a weeklong exhaustion.  Normal workout routine plus adequate sleep will keep you fresh.


Eat more vegetables and fruits and drink more water. If there are any drastic changes you feel obligated to make, then cut off wheat and reduce your carbohydrate intake. Have more vegetables and drink at least two litres of water each day. This will ensure you skip any chances of a bloated stomach as well as give your skin a rich natural glow skin.

Check how much perfume you have left over. We just survived the toughest month of the year, you might be running low without even knowing it. Do not rob your date the opportunity to drop hot lines such as “Your scent is intoxicating” and the text that comes an hour after you get home; “I can still smell your sweet perfume.”

Avoid stressors or things that are likely to dampen your mood. I know no one goes digging for stressors. Most often than not they find you in form of a mean boss, insufficient money, power blackout, incompetent employee, insensitive partner et cetera. However, deliberate efforts can be made to prevent these external factors from ruining our moods. For instance, listen to some great uplifting music, turn it up and hum as you brave a freezing shower following power blackout. Replace that expensive dinner date with a romantic picnic at Karura forest to counter insufficient funds. Pray for that insensitive partner, chances are they might overhear your prayer and change even before God compels them to. Stay happy.

These pointers focus on you. They are meant to make you feel great about yourself as opposed to imposing expectations on your date. The plan is make you feel fabulous and full of love for yourself first because you can only give that which you have. On behalf of all of us with zero plans for Valentine’s Day, I wish you a wonderful time as you celebrate love.