FIT&FAB: How to make water your best friend

Wednesday October 4 2017

Sip another glass of water as you do those

Sip another glass of water as you do those coffee break puzzles. This is also an opportunity to gurgle the mouth especially if you enjoy pastries along with your ten o’clock tea. PHOTO| FILE| NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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I fidgeted in my seat as the matatu attempted to escape the bumper-to-bumper traffic along Ngong road. His efforts were completely useless. We remained parked in traffic.

My heart raced, droplets of perspiration forming on my forehead. The guy seated next to me stole glances at me.

I could read his concern as he contemplated asking if I was okay. He didn’t though, much to my relief.

I had to focus on holding my bladder which at this point was on the brink of bursting. We hit a bump and I almost lost the battle. Close shave.

The matatu made its way to a nearby petrol station to refill. I jumped out even before it halted. Scampering to the nearest loo, the gents, I squatted awash with relief.

This scenario replayed itself at least three times a week for the first two months on my journey to fitness.

When it comes to healthy living, water is bae. In fact that is the only point of convergence between fad dieticians and nutritionists.

According to the various online diets I tried out, water consumption was supposed to help me curb the hunger pangs.

This it did. What they forgot to mention though, was the ridiculously frequent washroom breaks that came with gulping down seven glasses of water. I learnt this the torturous way.

One day, I bumped into what we will call the water consumption hack that changed my life forever.

It helped me break down seven- glass water consumption into manageable quantities that didn’t put undue pressure on the bladder.

I have followed this routine to date, reaping maximum benefits with each sip. Take a screenshot:


On an empty stomach, consume one glass of warm water. Flavour it with squeezed lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.


Ideally breakfast is usually 2-3 hours after waking up. Wash down your breakfast with one glass of plain water. If you report to work at 8:00 a.m., it would be best to enjoy this glass of water after settling in your workstation.


Sip another glass of water as you do those coffee break puzzles. This is also an opportunity to gurgle the mouth especially if you enjoy pastries along with your ten o’clock tea.


Sip a glass of warm water during and after lunch. The trick is to pour a glass of warm water as you serve your lunch then sipping on it slowly so it spreads out to even after you re through.  After eating, swish the water in your mouth and swallow to ensure no bits of food are left in your mouth.


If you leave work at 5:00p.m, this should be your last glass of water in the office.  This glass of water could replace your tea or taken alongside your tea.


Just like we did at lunchtime, enjoy a glass of warm water as you eat, dragging it out ill after your meal. Sip leisurely. Ideally, dinner is recommended at least three hours before bedtime


I like to think of this final glass of water as my special tea. I add one teaspoon of cinnamon, a pinch of fresh ginger and lemon juice to water then bring it to boil. It is tantalising.

Water consumption is the ultimate genesis of the journey to improving your overall health. Note, I used the term sip not gulp. The idea is to ensure maximum absorption of the water by your body. Go ahead and purchase a long 300ml wine glass, fill it with water, hold it by the stem as you sip with an occasional twirl. Enjoy the journey.



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