The birth of sisterlocs

Q: I have had medium traditional locs for 14 years.

I would like to get sisterlocs. Do I have to cut off my locs and start afresh?


A: The simple answer is no. It depends on the current state of your traditional locs, but you have a choice to either comb them out and install sisterlocs, or chop them off and start baby locs on the new growth. It is your personal preference.

If you choose to comb out your locs, here are some pointers to remember. To undo them, it is tempting to use a cheap jerrycan conditioner due to the sheer volume that you will be using.

However it is recommended that you use a higher quality moisturising conditioner even if it is more costly to minimise the amount of breakage you will experience. You want to save as much of your hair as possible, but note that you will lose quite a bit of hair as you comb them out.

It may take several days, so enlist the help of patient friends or professionals.

Once your traditional locs are down, use a deep conditioning protein treatment, preferably with steam or heat. Thereafter you can get your sisterlocs installed.