How to choose the right oils for your hair

It can be difficult to identify the right products for your hair. With all the fuss about essential oils, it is important to note that not all oils can be used for the pre poo regimen.

It can be a challenge to shop for hair masks or pre poo products which are quite a variety in the market.

Whereas it can be easy to get tour coconut oil, olive oil from a cosmetic store or buy honey or whole fat yoghurt from a supermarket or walk into a salon for hot oil treatment it’s easy to go grocery shopping and combine a number of natural products such as avocados, coconuts and blend with some kitchen products to achieve a good and very effective pre poo products.


Avocado is known to contain natural oils, proteins, amino acids and vitamins which are beneficial for dry hair. Its content is good for moisturising and nourishing hence giving some life to hair giving a glossy, hydrated and healthy shine.

There are so many avocado masks that you can make using ingredients from your kitchen shelf.

The most common and easiest mask would be the avocado and egg mask. Using one ripe avocado and one egg blend the two ingredients together.

Apply a generous amount of the mixture to your, massaging from the scalp all the way to the tips of the hair.

Allow the mixture to sit overnight and then rinse the hair thoroughly. This enhances hair growth and gives hair a silky touch. Other avocado regimens include:

  • Avocado, egg and olive oil.
  • Avocado and coconut oil
  • Avocado and Aloe Vera gel
  • Avocado, honey, olive oil and whole fat yoghurt


Coconut milk, known for its effectiveness when it comes to women with natural curly hair.

It nourishes the hair and often it’s a natural conditioner .Most people will mix their hair oil with coconut milk because of its cooling sensation

One common way of using coconut milk for the pre poo treatment is combining a mixture of coconut, coconut oil and honey.

This mixture works well in defining your natural curls and infusion of moisture.


Eggs are known for its vitamins and nutrients and they are rich sources for proteins and fatty acids for strengthening hair. Egg masks reduce hair breakage, control dandruff, improves hair elasticity and is vital for adding a silky touch on hair.

Egg masks are suitable for repairing hair damage and they vary with the hair problem and to what extent the hair is damaged.

One of the mask that is known to be used for hair growth is the egg, banana and honey mixture. In this, you will need 1 ripe banana, one egg white and the yolk, milk, honey and olive oil.

Blend these ingredients together making sure that there are no lumps of the banana pieces that are left.

You can also mash the banana first in a separate bowl. Mix the egg, milk honey and olive oil in a separate bowl. Pour the mixture into the mashed banana and mix together.

Apply this mixture to your hair and massage gently on your scalp. Use a mild a shampoo to wash off your hair. This strengthens your hair tresses.


Onions can be seen as a normal vegetable used to add flavour to food. According to a study by A Journal of Dermatology, onion juice can actually help regrowth of hair.

This is beneficial for people who experience hair thinning and hair loss.

The sulphur content minimises hair loss. It is also effective in the regeneration of hair follicles. It contains antioxidants which delay graying of hair. It also contains antibacterial properties which maintains a healthy scalp and help in controlling dandruff

Onions contain minerals which accelerate the growth of hair. It is advisable that if one is allergic to onions, this method may not be suitable for them.

In this method you need 1 onion and a cotton pad. Cut your into onion is small pieces. Add a quarter cup of water and blend the onions to extract the juice.

Dab the cotton juice on the scalp. Once the entire scalp is fully saturated, massage your scalp gently for about five minutes.

Leave the juice for about 30 minutes to an hour. Wash off your hair with a mild shampoo. Deep condition your hair with a leave in conditioner.