How to rock an infinity scarf

An infinity scarf is the most versatile scarf and can be worn in multiple ways. 

Here are the optional ways of wearing it: 

Invest in both light and heavy knit fabrics to work for different weather patterns. Currently, the ideal one would be a heavier one as the cold season has set in.

  • Wrap the scarf round the neck to create a cowl-neck look until you get the desired look you want. Depending on the fabric of the scarf, you can loop it round the neck either loosely or tightly as long as it’s comfy.
  • Loop scarf twice to create two layers, where the first layer rests on the collar bone and the second longer and will rest on the burst area.
  • Wear scarf as a shrug or caplet. Loop scarf over your head and cover your shoulders
  • Wear it over the head as hoodie and loop once. Some local designers have designed fantastic ones with contrasting colours and fusion of fleece and ethnic fabrics to give an interesting twist that works for both cold and warmer seasons.
  • Wear as vest then cinch with skinny belt or a wide one. Depending with the fabric of infinity scarf, it will be an interesting look to your overall look.
  • Wear it as a shawl, put your hands through as if wearing a jacket to ensure that it lies flat on your back, then pull the top end over your shoulders.
  • It’s perfect for layering as they come in different lengths. It will definitely add a wow factor to your look depending on how it’s styled. Wear it as a halter bustier over a t-shirt or top that doubles as a scarf and top.
  • Invest in different textured fabrics and prints. Some light cottons in extra-long length with fabric detailing and effects provide drama. Jersey is great option as it will offer more versatility because it’s stretchy and light at the same time.
  • Accessorise with brooches, leather cords, ribbons, twill cords or corsages for a twist in your look. These are perfect cinchers for customising the scarf.