Belt up!

A lot of women consider belts a fashion challenge especially if they are shy about drawing attention to their waistline.

However, belts are a style essential that give a look a new dimension and can turn any outfit super feminine.

To effectively wear a belt, consider the style, colour and position of the belt in relation to the style of top, dress or pants you are wearing it with. Here are pointers for help you:

Position: Position your belt at the correct spot on your waist. You may find that the correct position is actually a little higher than your natural waistline, or a little lower. If you’re a regular bust size (B to C) and carrying a little extra around the midriff, positioning a belt just above the waistline is usually the ideal position.

When you’re short-waisted and well endowed, positioning a belt lower than the waistline in front and at waist level in the back is often the solution. If you’re long waisted, wearing a belt high on the natural waist is usually 

A wide belt. PHOTO | NATION


Belt width: A wider elasticated belt worn a little above the midriff will do the trick to control the extra bits. Sometimes positioning it right on the extra bits does the girdling trick. With a straight, undefined waistline, a narrower belt positioned a little lower in front can work really well.  If you have a long waist, usually, extra wide belts will do while short waists tend to look better in narrower or skinny belts.

A thin belt. PHOTO | NATION

Contrast: Choose between making the belt contrast or blend in with your outfit. A low contrast belt is usually best for waistlines which aren’t that defined, giving you a flattering long lean line whereas a high contrast belt automatically draws more attention to the waistline.

A low contrast belt. PHOTO | NATION

Belt choice/ style: Always pick belts that are partly elasticated, for comfort.

They’ll stretch with your body during the day. When investing in belts for jeans or pants, always consider the size of the belt loop and get the correct belt width for the belt to be well positioned, and to avoid waist slipping underneath the belt and looking tacky. Invest in various textures and colours for variation.

Give it time: Belts can feel odd when you’re not used to wearing them. It’s just a question of getting used to the extra pressure around your waistline, so allow some time to get used to the feeling of wearing a belt and just wear it confidently. Embrace the modern style tricks of wearing belts to add some oomph to your look.