Why you need a cheering squad in your fitness journey

Wednesday October 25 2017

One of the key reasons many people have thrown

One of the key reasons many people have thrown in the towel halfway through a bowl of salad is that they lack a cheering squad. PHOTO | FILE| NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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One of the key reasons many people have thrown in the towel halfway through a bowl of salad is that they lack a cheering squad.

People to support their efforts, to celebrate every lost gram and every toned muscle.  When they look at the mirror and don’t see much change, there is no one to say, “Do not give up. You accumulated all that weight over twenty years; surely it cannot be lost in two days.  Look, at least you can jump now with both feet off the ground. That’s good progress.”  

I was fortunate to have a cheer-squad when I started out my fitness journey in October 2015.

At the time, I lived with my aunt, Christine.

She lived conveniently close to the PR agency where I was undertaking a field attachment course for my undergraduate degree. When I shared with her my resolve to lose weight and become healthier, she was elated.


Aunty Christine generously swiped her credit cards to cater for my supplies, my healthy shakes at Java and even my new wardrobe.

Together, we stocked the fridge with all things; green, sugar-free and low-calorie. I stayed with her for three months and lost the bulk of my weight, close to 25kg. With no doubt, she was coach and cheer-leader all rolled up into one.

Her support was so effective that two years down the line, I am still a fitness enthusiast.

My supervisor at the agency, Tom Mogusu, was the second top of my cheer-squad. Part of my job at the agency included handling key events for our various clients.

Events meant heavy-laden buffets which further meant glaring at temptations of all shapes, sizes, textures and tastes for days on end. Tom was gracious enough to ensure I had enough tasks to keep me from wandering to the buffet table during such events.


He would also occasionally quiz me on how much weight I had lost then go ahead to laud my efforts. He held me accountable. Once in a while, we would take a stroll to city market to enjoy a bowl of fruit salad. I was motivated not to let him down with both my internship and my weight loss journey. Heck! He even became a fitness enthusiast too.

Over the past two years, I have enjoyed overwhelming support from family members, my peers and  fans of my  Facebook healthy eating page; Organic Msosi . Their encouragement has become my daily inspiration. Their presence has become my accountability checkpoints. Their feedback and questions has become my avenue to give back to society through avenues such as this blog.

Align yourself with people who will support your endeavours to be fit. Join a group of fitness enthusiasts. When you encourage others, they will reciprocate and that is how you will build a vibrant and effective support system.

Of course you can still achieve your goals with sheer determination and no ones’ company.  However, the support of others makes the journey more fun, way easier and more fulfilling.

Get your squad and rock the journey!


Fit&Fab is a blog series by Marion Maina who lost 30kg in her weight loss journey that started two years ago and is now in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Do you have feedback on this story? E-mail: [email protected]