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Showbiz highlights

Saturday November 21 2009

DNA is ‘mtoto wa sonko’

Recently born again rapper DNA has launched his first debut gospel song, ‘Mtoto Wa Sonko’., DNA has done the song in style too by featuring gospel’s finest Kambua and Isaac Kahura.

The song has been produced by Ulopa Ngoma and the video by Sakata and has been getting a lot of air play from different TV stations the whole of this week. According to DNA, the song talks about his past and the new direction he’s taking in his life.

“I’ve gone through a lot but God has shown me the right way. This song is just to praise Him for that,” he said. DNA got saved earlier on this year after successfully winning the battle against alcoholism. He plans to roll out an anti-drug abuse campaign soon.

DJ Soxxy to release mix tape

There’s a new promoter in town. 2009 Groove awards Gospel DJ of  the Year 2009, DJ Soxxy is set to launch the first ever gospel DJ compilation album in December. A total of 10 artistes have been featured in the album, most of them unknown who have been working hard but are still yet to get the exposure. Among them include Jeromash, Wazee Wetu (famously known for the song ‘Sudu’, among others.

New sound for Sudan artistes

Kenya-based Sudanese artistes are about to launch a new sound of music, Kush Music. According to Giel, one of the headline artistes, Kush is a Sudanese word meaning ‘the land of black people’.

The music will mix the Sudanese traditional sound with the current urban production and will be officially launched next month. Kush music is expected to battle for listenership alongside other local genres like Genge and Kapuka. Among the artistes to launch their official singles include Giel, Yolkzz ‘The Street Cop’, Lil Diddi Ma2, P N’ C and supported by more established Sudanese artistes like Lam, based in Juba and Jal, based in the UK.

Miss universe TZ secret dealings with hip-hop mogul

Lately,Flaviana Matata has been changing flights and living the supermodel lifestyle. Currently,the Ice model is in New York where she is hooked to big shots in entertainment. The scoop that the former Miss Tanzania 2007  is involved in a charity project with millionaire showbiz don Russel Simmons.

Flaviana who has been in NY for over ten days met Russel again yesterday (16.11.09). It is not clear as to what the two discussed but sources close to the model revealed that it was in line with their charity (LIFE Project for Africa Benefit)  where Flaviana is the African ambassador.

‘’Building schools and health centers near the community like the construction of NJIA Health Center by Life Project for Africa is important and can not only save immediately lives but improve the health and lives of many for generations to come,’’she says in her blog on global<>.

Last week,she was spotted at New York’s Ben & Jack’s Restaurant where the ace producer brought together other dignitaries in support of the project. Well placed sources revealed  that the beauty queen was leading the project back in the continent and had amassed confidence from the American A-listers. Flaviana is also signed to South Africa’s Ice Models.

Balling diva

Trust Lady Jay Dee to live lavishly and do what the likes of AY,Prof J and Juma Nature dread;drive sleek cars. Well,the Tanzanian diva has been progressing while her showbiz peers wallow in recession. The latest from Dar indicate that the diva has added another whip to her swelling car park.

Jay Dee has bought a new Nissan Murano car.We all know that she already owns a Toyota Prado. Now ,this will be her second car .Lately,the singer has been doing major gigs and by the look of things ,money aint the problem.


After revealing the story about her pending nuptials to American rapper,Bongo flava singer Nakaaya Sumari is single again. And true to the speculations that her engagement to the rapper had been broken, the singer has confirmed the vibe in her tattoo. Well,going by the tatoo on the singer’s hand, all is not well. Nakaaya had tatooed her would be hubby’s name on her arm. But now she has re-tatooed it while replacing the name with a map of Africa. Sources said that the singer and the rapper had broken up.

‘’Nakaaya and M1 are nolonger an item. That wedding was just another hoax. She is searching again and you can see she even rubbed him on her skin,’’added the source.

Nakaaya Sumari was earlier on reported to wed in May this year. The wedding which was hyped as invite only has not taken place to date and the singer has remained mum over the man she once referred to as ‘sweetheart’’.

She featured the Dead Prez rapper in her runaway hit  ‘Mr Politician’.The two started dating in 2007 when the rappers visited Dar es salaam. And they took their alleged affair to another level during  American visit the same year. Before dating the popular rapper,Nakaaya had been engaged to another American researcher Gaidi and even shared an apartment with him in Arusha.

The singer however regretted her affair with Gaidi as the worst mistake she made in her life. ‘That to me remains my worst ever made mistake but i thank God i have moved on,’she was overheard telling friends. Gaidi and the diva dated for several years and the latter had even introduced her to his parents in the US. The couple broke up late in 2008.

Mr Googz going big

Mr Googz seems to be flying high in the gospel scene too. After releasing a couple of gospel tracks, American gospel artiste, Sherwin Gardner,who visited the country recently, has show interest in producing some of his tracks.

“During our Uganda tour Sherwin loved my style of music and decided to go with the vocals of my unreleased tracks. He will produce the music in America and send the finished product back to me,” said Mr Googz.

However, Mr Googz just launched his new single ‘Gospel Celebrity’, produced by Herbal Records, last week. He has launched his website