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About Daily Nation

The Daily Nation is Kenya's leading newspaper and is a product of Nation Media Group (NMG) Limited.

NMG, founded by His Highness the Aga Khan in 1959, has become the largest independent media house in East and Central Africa. It has been quoted on the Nairobi Stock Exchange since the early 1970s.

As the leading multi-media house in the East African region, it has print as well as electronic media and the digital platforms which attracts a regular readership quite unparalleled in the region.

On the financial front, the Group’s performance over the years has been outstanding even in the leaner economic periods in the country and shows continuous growth and profits for the company as well as the shareholders.

Monitor Publications Ltd - Uganda

The Monitor was started in 1992 and has grown from a basement operation to a multi-media consortium with offices spread across Kampala city. Besides the Daily Monitor and Sunday Monitor papers, Monitor Publications Ltd. runs an FM radio station, 93.3 KFM.

Daily Monitor and Sunday Monitor are now the leading independent national newspapers in Uganda while KFM attained market leadership in Uganda’s crowded FM market.

Mwananchi Communications Ltd - Tanzania

NMG has controlling shareholding in Mwananchi Communications Limited (MCL) of Tanzania. MCL publishes Kiswahili newspapers - Mwananchi, a daily and Mwana Spoti, a weekly all-sports newspaper.

In September 2004, MCL launched an English daily, The Citizen which has taken competition by storm. The MCL has managed in its short history to develop into a major player in the media scene in Tanzania committed to editorial independence and journalistic excellence. The Nation group’s investment represents yet another milestone in the group’s efforts to be a truly regional company.

Nation Digital Division

Established in 2008, the Nation Digital Division is the latest in the NMG family. The Division is responsible for the Group's publishing to digital platforms and in driving initiatives to harness synergies to deliver cross-platform innovation. NDD is responsible for the Group's Internet and mobile telecommunications assets.

Nation Broadcasting Division

Although NMG has had a newspaper division since 1960, its broadcasting division comprising NTV and Easy FM were launched only in 1999. Besides giving accurate and informative news which shape the opinions of the general public, the electronic division now entertains with music, movies, comedies and talk shows.

In 2003, licenses and frequencies were allocated to the Group and television and radio services were rolled out to most of the major towns around Kenya. The expansion plan is on course in line with our vision “To be the Media of Africa for Africa.” NTV Uganda began its broadcasts late last year and has already taken Uganda by storm. Its bold reporting of news and information is in line with our efforts to report African issues authoritatively to local and international audiences.

Nation Newspapers Division

The Nation took its place on the newsstands on October 3, 1960 promising to “do our utmost to help Kenya and the other East African territories make the perilous transition to African majority rule and full independence as peacefully and constructively as possible.  That it did with great success, judging by the many high-level political personalities, known then as ‘nationalists’ who looked to the newspaper to air their hitherto unread views. 

The history of the Nation newspapers is closely entwined with that of modern Kenya and the newspaper has remained true to its stated mission to be independent, subject neither to factional, commercial, religious or political interests. The Nation Newspapers Division today publishes the Daily Nation, Saturday Nation, Sunday Nation, Taifa Leo, Taifa Jumapili, The EastAfrican, Business Daily and Daily Metro.

In addition to publishing newspapers, the newspapers division also has a Carriers department that runs NMG's own transport company, the Nation Carriers Limited with a well-maintained fleet to distribute its products. Nation Courier, a subsidiary of Nation Carriers, is a fast-growing courier section. In addition to their promise of ‘delivering first’, Nation Courier now has international links after signing up with TNT Worldwide Express to deliver mail and packages outside of the country.

Nation Newspapers Division also has another arm, Nation Marketing and Publishing Ltd. (NM&P), which distributes various international titles such as the Economist, Times, Newsweek and Fortune magazines.