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‘Twins’ to wait longer for their DNA results

Friday June 14 2019

Melon Lutenyo

Sharon Mathias (left) and Melon Lutenyo, both 19, reunite at Furfural village in Kakamega on April 16, 2019. PHOTO | JARED NYATAYA | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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The Kakamega lookalike girls will have to wait until August to know whether they are twins or not.

Their planned journey from Likuyani, Kakamega County, to Nairobi Friday to collect their DNA test results was thrown into limbo as their parents failed to raise the fares.


Theirs is a case of two expectant women, Ms Rosemary Onyango and Angeline Omina, who in 1999 went to give birth at Kakamega General Hospital around the same time. Rosemary got twin girls and Angeline a baby girl, and 20 years later, the twins miraculously discover that one of them has a striking resemblance to the third girl.

Rosemary has been raising Mevis Imbaya and Melon Lutenyo as fraternal twins. All seemed okay until Melon came across a Facebook account of Sharon Mathius, who was raised in Kangemi, leading to an emotional reunion in mid-April.

Now 20 years later, the two families are grappling with a big puzzle of identifying girls who believe they were separated at birth. Anyone looking at Melon and Sharon would conclude that they have the same blood. Although raised separately, their voices, demeanour, body structure and even skin hue are interestingly similar.


It is only a biological test that can clear these doubts and put the issue to rest once and for all. The family has been waiting with bated breath to see the outcome.

Rosemary Friday told the Nation that the results were ready, but they might have to wait a little longer to collect them, in the August holiday.

“The doctor called me some days back to confirm that the results were ready for collection. We decided to wait for the three girls to come home for midterm break so that we could all travel to Nairobi,” she said.


“I borrowed some money from a shylock I know, but he has asked me to be patient as he is also waiting to receive some money so he can lend me,” she told the Saturday Nation on phone.

“If he fails to deliver the amount by Friday, we may have to postpone the mission till the girls close school,” she reasoned.

But the girls, now Form Four candidates, have declared that they have already established a strong bond of sisterhood that transcends any biological confirmation. The Saturday Nation bumped into the trio on Wednesday along River Soy in Kakamega County, all wearing matching jumpsuits and chatting animatedly.

As the rest of Kenyans are still puzzled and eager to know their fate, the girls are teeming with positivism. Their puzzle has become their new joy as each now has another 'sister' to love. They spend times together.

“We are happy as sisters and all we want to tell the public is that we shall not be separated no matter the outcome of the DNA results. We have created a long-lasting bond and only death will separate us,” said Sharon.

Sharon studies at Shikoti Girls High School and Melon at Kongoni Secondary School, both in Kakamega County, while Mevis studies at Kimosong’ Girls High School in Trans Nzoia County.