Bongoman celebrates Obama win

International musician Kanda Bongoman led his band to Kogelo to congratulate Mama Sarah Obama for her grandson's victory

Mama Sarah Obama shares a moment with Congolese musician Kanda Bongoman in Kogelo on Sunday. Photo/DAN OBIERO 



The once sleepy Kogelo Village remained abuzz during the weekend, hosting people from all walks of life.

On Sunday, international musician Kanda Bongoman led his band to the village to congratulate Mama Sarah Obama for the victory of her grandson Barack Obama in the US presidential election.

He was accompanied by popular Benga musician Princess Jully. He spotted a badge bearing the portrait of the famous son of Kogelo.


The musician’s arrival caught the village by surprise; no one had imagined that the internationally renowned artiste would one day set foot on Kogelo.

A huge crowd gathered to catch a glimpse of the musician.

Popular songs

Students of Sega Girls Secondary School as well as pupils from Sega primary and those of St Oda School for the Blind got more than they had bargained for.

While tracing the roots of Mr Obama, they not only met the international musician, but also heard him sing. The crowd that insisted on being entertained by the musician was treated to his popular songs, including Inde moni.

Princess Jully, who has done a song in honour of Mr Obama titled Obama biro, also belted it out, much to the delight of the villagers.

It was during the visit that Kanda Bongoman, who hails from the Democratic Republic of Congo, announced that he would soon release a song specially composed for the president-elect.

“I know many musicians have done it, but I am not late in following suit,” he said. Kanda Bongoman showered praise on Mama Sarah, describing her as a “great mother”.

He said he had been sure of Mr Obama’s victory, and had even taken the risk of announcing on television that he would win, two days before the polls.


“I am sure that with his leadership ability and oratorical skills, he will make a good president,” he said. He said it was this confidence that had drawn him to travel to Kisumu to join other residents in celebrations.

Elsewhere, Nakuru deputy mayor John Kitilit led residents of the town in planting a peace tree at the Nyayo Gardens to celebrate Mr Obama’s victory.

Addressing locals after the occasion, Mr Kitilit urged Kenyans to live in peace and embrace democracy if they hoped to prosper as a nation.

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