Governor Waiguru calls for release of Kabura report

Tuesday February 19 2019

Anne Waiguru

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru during a past event. FILE PHOTO | NATION MEDIA GROUP  

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Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has written another letter to the EACC demanding that it release the findings of its investigations into the conduct of NYS scandal suspect Josephine Kabura.

In her sixth letter to the agency Tuesday, Ms Waiguru asked that Ms Kabura be compelled to give more details about the loss of Sh791 million from the NYS.

In a letter to the new EACC boss, Mr Twalib Mbarak, Ms Waiguru expressed frustration at the agency's delay in releasing its findings.

“It has been three years since Ms Kabura swore an affidavit that has since been determined to be false by the EACC.

‘‘Since then, there has been no progress on the matter and Kenyans are still in the dark about why Kabura lied and on whose instructions she undertook to perjure herself,” said Ms Waiguru.

She said the public has a right to know why no criminal charges were instituted by the Director of Public Prosecutions against Ms Kabura, even after it was found that she had lied under oath.

The DPP ordered further investigations after it was discovered that Ms Kabura had falsely implicated Ms Waiguru and her close associates in the NYS scam. It is the results of these investigations that Ms Waiguru wants released.