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We’ll go to the Hague, NGOs warn MPs

Tuesday January 27 2009


NGOs on Tuesday warned that they would push for suspects of post-election violence to be tried in international courts if the government put in place a weak tribunal to try them.

Officials from the National Civil Society Congress said their concerns arose from claims that some MPs were allegedly keen to sabotage the tribunal even before it is formed.

The names of those implicated in the violence by the Waki Commission Inquiry are contained in a secret list that was last year handed to Mr Kofi Annan, who brought together warring political sides.

The list is believed to include names of several Cabinet ministers and other prominent people.

Set standards

Said Mr Ndung’u Wainaina: “President Kibaki and Prime minister Raila Odinga should be told that if the tribunal does not meet the set international standards, then the secret envelope will have to be handed over to the ICC (International Criminal Court) investigators at The Hague, (Netherlands).”


More than 1,000 people were killed and 350,000 rendered homeless in the violence that was precipitated by the release of the 2007 presidential election results.

The lobbyists said they expected the local tribunal to be independent, impartial and credible.

Lawyer Harun Ndubi questioned the secrecy around the entrenchment of the special tribunal into the Constitution.

“Since when did a draft Bill become secret?” asked Mr Ndubi, poking holes in the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill 2009, saying it could be challenged in court.

The activists called for resignation of all Cabinet ministers in whose dockets there have been corruption scandals.