Couple off to UK after release

Sunday October 25 2009

By NATION Reporter

Mr Tom Cholmondeley is believed to have left for the UK with his lover Sally Dudmesh.

Mr Cholmondeley was released from the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison on Friday, after serving five months of an eight-month sentence for the 2006 killing of stonemason Robert Njoya.

He had already spent three years in the prison awaiting trial. The 47-year-old Dudmesh is a well-known artist and jeweller who operates Silk Road Shop at Karen’s Crossroads shopping centre. Pieces of her hand-made jewellery range between Sh39,000 and Sh195,000.

During the week, she lives at Ngong Dairy, famous for being one of the main sets in the movie Out of Africa – Karen Blixen’s Story.

At the weekends, she is at the seven-bedroom Jersey Hall on the Delameres’ Soysambu ranch in Naivasha, where family and friends are said to have received Mr Cholmondeley after his release. Mr Cholmondeley and Ms Dudmesh met a decade ago.