15 Migori MCAs in hospital in Mombasa after cholera scare

Sunday November 26 2017

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Fifteen members of the Migori County Assembly and some county staff were rushed to various private hospitals in Mombasa County on Sunday after a cholera scare.

They were suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting.


Other MCAs also rushed to hospital for vaccination against cholera due to an outbreak that has so far killed four people in Mombasa.

A doctor who treated the ward representatives said they were all treated for food poisoning.

"Basically, this means that the food they ate was not cooked well that is why they suffered from food poisoning. We treated quite a number of them who thought it was cholera but we confirmed it's not," said the doctor who requested anonymity.

Joseph Hoyo, an MCA from Makerero Ward in Kuria West, said they ate meat, chicken, fish, rice and chapati at a hotel on Saturday night and afterwards they began feeling unwell.

Joseph Hoyo.

Kuria West MCA Joseph Hoyo at Nyali Healthcare Ltd, Mombasa County, on November 26, 2017 where he was admitted. He and 14 other Migori MCAs were treated for food poisoning. PHOTO | LABAN WALLOGA | NATION MEDIA GROUP


"We were booked at a hotel in Mombasa for three days induction. We were 57 MCAs but only 15 MCAs were affected. I almost died due to diarrhoea and vomiting. I was the most affected. The rest were afraid of me; they thought I had cholera," said Mr Hoyo.

He demanded his medical report to dispatch it to his private doctor in Nairobi.

"I have booked a flight to Nairobi. I want to go for further medical examination," added Mr Hoyo.

Masaba MCA William Abedi said general observation points to contaminated food. He said he was not sick as he did not eat at the hotel.

"We used to do our meetings in this hotel and nobody had ever experienced such. Those who didn't take lunch or dinner at the hotel were not affected, that is how we are saved," said Mr Abedi.

Bageni Bildad.

Mr Julius Ogogo wheels in Gekaharaka Getambwega MCA Bageni Bildad for admission at Nyali Healthcare Ltd, Mombasa County, on November 26, 2017. He was diagnosed with food poisoning. PHOTO | LABAN WALLOGA | NATION MEDIA GROUP  


"As the assembly we are deeply disturbed by the incident. Family members are calling asking about our health status. This is an unfortunate incident. Samples were taken to laboratory."

Mr Abedi said four of the MCAs are in critical condition and they will be airlifted for further treatment in Nairobi.

The four are Caroline Okere, Gerishon Owii, Joseph Mugosi Hoyo and Nildad Bagane.

"They are fatigued and dehydrated," he added.

The ward representatives were treated at Nyali Healthcare, Oasis Hospital in Mtwapa and at an AAR clinic.