A loaded in-tray awaits new Coast PC

Saturday July 7 2012

New Coast Provincial Commissioner Samuel Kilele (right). Photo/FILE

New Coast Provincial Commissioner Samuel Kilele (right). Photo/FILE 

By MARK AGUTU [email protected] And DANIEL NYASSY [email protected]

New Coast Provincial Commissioner Samuel Kilele has his work cut out for him as he takes over from Mr Ernest Munyi who is heading to North Eastern Province.

From tackling the bothersome Mombasa Republican Council matter and lingering terror threats to addressing land and narcotics issues, Mr Kilele already has an overflowing in-tray.

Mr Munyi, on the other hand, heads to North Eastern to spearhead an anticipated crackdown on terror networks blamed for a spate of grenade and bomb attacks that have killed more than a dozen residents and wounded many others.

The latest and bloodiest of these attacks occurred last Sunday when suspected terrorists simultaneously hit two churches in Garissa town, killing 17 worshippers and injuring several more.

This followed another attack a week earlier on a bar in Mombasa’s Mishomoroni area that killed three people and injured more than 20 others.

As the head of the powerful provincial security and intelligence committee, Mr Kilele will be the focus of attention in the region as the country heads towards elections that the outlawed MRC has opposed and threatened to mobilise residents to boycott.

The new PC will also have to provide leadership in addressing the squatter problem that has been the cause of skirmishes and brutal evictions. Mr Kilele is also expected to confront and deal with the problems of drug trafficking and addiction that bedevil the region.

But it is last week’s Garissa attack that targeted churches and raised fears of religious animosity that will provide Mr Kilele with what may well be his first task.

Leaders of the Christian and Muslims faiths are expected to take part in a joint meeting and later press conference in Mombasa tomorrow in a show of unity meant to allay any fears that the attacks have polarised the two dominant religious groupings.

The meetings and consultations, which began last week and are expected to come up with recommendations touching on security in the region, were initiated and coordinated by Mr Munyi.

The Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya supported the peace initiative and promised to participate fully in discussions.

CIPK Secretary-General Sheikh Muhamad Dor said the Garissa tragedy had brought the two religions even closer together and cemented feelings of patriotism.

“We condemn the Garissa incident and want to reiterate that we are united with our Christian brothers in opposing terrorism which exposes every human being to danger,” he said.

In a letter dated July 5, 2012 Mr Munyi invited journalists to cover the announcements set to be made at 11 am.

As the incoming PC, Mr Kilele is expected to assume the responsibility of driving forward the unity and security agenda.

When reached for comment on Friday, Mr Munyi declined to divulge much, saying he would respond to questions during Monday’s briefing. It was not clear whther Mr Kilele would be in attendance.