Clerics want church leaders be allowed to meet for prayers

Friday March 27 2020

Clergy Association of Kenya chairperson Bishop Imoite Papa during a press briefing in Nairobi on March 26, 2020. PHOTO | EVANS HABIL | NATION MEDIA GROUP


A section of religious leaders want the government to allow church leaders to meet for prayers amid the novel coronavirus crisis.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, Clergy Association of Kenya chairperson Bishop Imoite Papa said that the church was ready to comply with the government’s directive on suspending physical mass gatherings, but want church leaders to be allowed to meet for prayers.

“We are aware that some of our churches have many followers and we agree that physical services should not go on but the altar that represents the church cannot be closed.

"In order to intercede for the nation, the government should allow at least 10 top leaders of each church to meet and pray for the nation,” he said.

The church has been accused of being a a weak link in the fight against coronavirus. But Bishop Jonathan Muthoka of Jesus Liberation Ministry International refuted claims that churches want worship to continue as normal for monetary gain.

Bishop Muthoka said the church only wants to keep the nation closer to God.


“No matter what we do, God still remains our strong tower and He is the healer as well as the protector of humanity.

"We strongly wish to clarify that it is not a question of tithes or offerings as some may think, but keeping the nation closer to God for divine protection,” he said.

Bishop Muthoka noted that the church is playing its role in reducing the spread of the virus saying that the church and the State should not be at logger heads with each other.

He further urged the government to consider putting a plan in place on how to support those who are not able to put food on the table during this crisis.

“Churches and persons of goodwill should also take mutual responsibility in assisting the less fortunate who may not be able to afford a meal.

"We also advise all landlords to consider allowing their tenants delay paying rent for two to three months,” he said.

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