Explosions, gunfire as officers engage suspected attackers

Wednesday March 18 2020

Gunfire exchange is getting heavier at Dusit office complex in Nairobi as security officers advance towards unknown number attackers holed on the seventh floor building.

At about 9am security officers rescued one person from the building after one of the intermittent gunfire exchanges. The victim was reunited with relieved family members who had been camping near the entrance of the 14 Riverside Drive office park.

Earlier at about 4am, at least 50 people were rescued and reunited with their families who had camped at the road leading to the office park for more than 10 hours.

But a police source who spoke to Nation said they rescued 173 people, a number higher than the 50 reported by our reporters at the scene.

Most of those who were rescued at 4am were hiding on the first floor of the building under tables, chairs and in the toilets.

According to accounts by the survivors, the security officers reached them at about 4am, identified themselves and escorted them out of the building.


At least four ambulances were seen leaving the compound.

Many people are still camped on Riverside Drive, the road leading to the DusitD2 Hotel, as rescue operations continue amid gunfire.

It is feared that more people are still trapped on the seventh floor. The floor houses offices and part of the hotel.

Kenya Red Cross said that they have two official tracing hotline numbers: 0715820219 and 1199.