Catholic clerics back graft war as church marks Palm Sunday

Monday April 15 2019

 Palm Sunday, Holy Ghost Cathedral in Mombasa

Catholic faithful from Holy Ghost Cathedral in Mombasa during a procession to mark Palm Sunday on April 14, 2019. PHOTO | LABAN WALLOGA | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Catholic clerics have vowed to continue preaching against corruption and politicians who misuse public money.

Speaking after a procession to mark Palm Sunday, Father John Korea, an administrator at Holy Ghost Catholic Church in Mombasa Archdiocese, said corruption is hampering Kenya’s development.

The priest said the church is the voice and conscience of society. “We’re not going to be silent. We will speak against the vices happening in our country, especially corruption, till our voice is heard. The government should put an end to corruption and those who have stolen public money should be taken to court to act as an example to other people with similar intentions,” Fr Korea said.

He also asked to Kenyans to maintain peace during the Easter festivities. “Let’s continue to live in peace and harmony. Security should be maintained everywhere. We should ensure that there is no tension and anxiety among Kenyans. There are many things that are happening in our lives, including politics, but we should step back and meditate; where God is, there is joy and peace,” he said.

Fr Korea urged Kenyans to help their compatriots who are experiencing biting food shortage as a result of the prolonged drought.

“We have asked members of our congregation to provide support to the hungry and thirsty,” the cleric said.

His comments were echoed by Fr Raphael Kanga, the church’s head of communication, who said the clergy is fulfilling its duty by speaking out against the vices in society.

“As a church, we have a duty to advise, educate and correct. Where we go wrong as a country, it is our responsibility to provide a solution — advising and directing our leaders,” he said.

Fr Kanga noted that President Jomo Kenyatta once said, "The church is the conscience of society’. During our Lent season campaign, we advised church members to plant trees so as to contribute to a good, clean environment. Things like logging are contributing to climate change. It is something we can control and ensure that drought is not aggressive in our country,” he said.