Catholics urged to pray on graft, insecurity over lent

Tuesday February 9 2016

Bishop Cornelius Korir of the Eldoret Catholic

Bishop Cornelius Korir of the Eldoret Catholic Diocese at a past event. FILE PHOTO | JARED NYATAYA | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Corruption, insecurity and family values are among the five items that the Catholic faithful in the country will be praying for during the lent period starting Wednesday.

Lent is a 40-day period of fasting, prayer and penance by Catholic faithful, which comes just before Easter. It starts with Ash Wednesday.

The Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (CJPC) urged the faithful to pray for a responsible citizenry, care for environment, discuss about family values, insecurity and corruption in the country.

A communication on lent by CJPC titled “Peaceful and prosperous Kenya, My Responsibility” was distributed to the faithful in Nyahururu last Sunday.

The preface is written by the chairman of the CJPC Bishop Cornelius Korir, who is also the head of the Eldoret Catholic Diocese.

“During this Lenten period, we shall specifically reflect on how we can make Kenya a prosperous country in a holistic way. Kenya is a blessed country, but when we do not take responsibility of our affairs and when we remove God from our dealings, we lose a lot”, Bishop Korir says in the communication.

The Bishop says insecurity is a major concern in the country.

“We have some real security challenge, such as radicalization of the youth, abuse of drugs and alcohol among the youth, cattle rustling, rape, mob justice and general lawlessness. We may not have many ways of coping with insecurity, but if we cooperate with government we shall reduce insecurity”, Bishop Korir says.

He reminded the faithful that they should use Lenten period to also put emphasis on Pope Francis declaration of 2016 as “Year of Divine Mercy”.

The Church has divided Lenten period into five weeks; in the first week the faithful are supposed to discuss “responsible citizenry” that is guided by rights and responsibilities which are inseparable.

“It is important to know that responsibility precedes freedom. We shall only be free when we are responsible and exercise our rights in a respectable way”, the communication states.

The faithful have been urged to use the fifth week seeking ways of reducing corruption in the country. The Church says that corruption is the root cause of all challenges facing the country.

The Bishop told the faithful that there is a “thin line between need and greed”.