Training for 164,700 census staff starts next week

Monday July 08 2019

An enumerator uses candlelight to record details of a family participating in the national population census at the Kibera slum in Kenya's capital Nairobi August 24, 2009. Training for 2019 census staff to start on July 15, 2019. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


The training of supervisors and enumerators hired to conduct 2019 national census is set to begin on July 15, the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) has announced.

KNBS has recruited 2,700 ICT supervisors, 27,000 content supervisors and 135, 000 enumerators for the population count scheduled for the night of August 24-25.

The ICT supervisors will train the content supervisors who will in turn train the enumerators for the digital census.

The census will be paperless and the application has already been developed by local universities.

"We have tested the programme and we are confident of its capacity to capture data," said KNBS Director-General Zachary Mwangi on Monday.

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