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City tycoon Kirima dies in SA hospital

Wednesday December 29 2010

PHOTO | FILE The late Gerishon Kirima.

PHOTO | FILE The late Gerishon Kirima. 


Former assistant minister Gerishon Kirima has died while undergoing treatment in South Africa at the age of 80.

Mr Kirima, whose family has been at the centre of a dispute over his vast estate estimated at hundreds of millions of shillings, was a former MP for Starehe and long time Kanu stalwart.

The retired politician was thrust back into the limelight this year when his family was embroiled in a dramatic fight for access to the ailing tycoon and control of his vast property.

The court battles spilt over into the public arena when some of Mr Kirima’s children stormed the palatial residence where he was living with his third wife, Teresia Wairimu.

They managed to remove him from the house and later announced they had taken him to a hospital in London.

Mr Kirima had three wives, one is dead and another separated. The children of his first two wives were involved in a dispute with Mrs Wairimu, with whom Mr Kirima was living in Kitusuru, Nairobi.


Mr Kirima was believed to be one of the biggest land owners in the city with his name given to public markets controlled by the city council.

A few months ago, the family reached a settlement giving control of the vast estate and businesses to two trustees, Ms Anne Wangari and Mr James Njuguna, a daughter and brother of Mr Kirima.

They also agreed that all tenants pay rent, estimated at between Sh17 million and Sh20 million monthly, to the trustees.