Sunday Nation columnist donates Sh13 million to an education trust

Friday February 24 2017

Nation Media Group Chief Executive Officer Joe

Nation Media Group Chief Executive Officer Joe Muganda (left) presents a certificate of appreciation to Dr. Yusuf Kodwavwala (right) with his wife Marie Kodwavwala for their endless contributions and support for the education of needy children all over the country by Palmhouse Foundation. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU | NATION MEDIA GROUP  

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Nation Media Group Chief Executive Officer Joe Muganda has lauded Marie Rahima Dawood Foundation for donating Sh13 million to Palmhouse foundation - an education trust that helps needy students.

Speaking on Thursday night during the donation event, Mr Muganda celebrated the Marie Rahima Dawood Foundation for defining a legacy that promotes sustainability to mitigate socio economic imbalance in society by donating to endowment.

The Marie Rahima Dawood Foundation is a United Kingdom charity whose aim is to sponsor and promote health, education and humanitarian projects in developing world particularly Asia and Africa.

It derives its assets from the royalties income of renowned surgeon Dr Yusuf Kodwavwala Dawood  who is also a Sunday Nation columnist of 'The Surgeon Diary' and his wife Marie Kodwavwala.


Dr Dawood started the foundation from money he received from his stories published by the Sunday Nation. He has been penning the column every Sunday since 1980.

Mr Muganda lauded Dr Dawood for holding the enviable record of being longest running feature column spanning over 30 years

“Dr Dawood literally transports the minds of The Surgeon Diary readers into the world of his characters, Sunday to Sunday,” he said.

Speaking during the event, Dr Dawood said  his foundation was  impressed by Palmhouse Foundation demonstrable countrywide selection process, continuous monitoring and follow up, and the calibre of their finished product that has to date transformed the lives of over 700 bright but needy students countrywide.


“By directly contributing to the Palmhouse Foundation’s endowment fund, the Sh13m financial injection shall be ring fenced for investment with endowment income used as Marie Rahima Dawood scholarships perpetuity,’’ he said.

Among other projects, the Dr Dawood owned foundation has been involved in donating university scholarships, vocational training scholarships, and prizes for excellence in medicine, surgery, and nursing and literature courses at the University of Nairobi.

It has also supported charitable organizations for girls, the disabled among others.

The Palmhouse Foundation is an education trust that funds needy and deserving students especially those in secondary school to realize their dreams and transform their lives and the society.