Deputy President Ruto confident ICC case will collapse

Saturday February 13 2016

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Deputy President William Ruto has expressed confidence that crimes against humanity charges against him and journalist Joshua Sang will collapse, terming the ruling to reject the use of recanted evidence a landmark.

Speaking at Toroso in Mount Elgon Constituency, Deputy President said the ruling would go a long way in determining their future in the trial.

Mr Ruto said he was thankful that the judges had ruled against the use of Rule 68 on the Kenyan cases, saying it was time it was ended and they were set free.

“We were hopeful that the judges will not use the rule retrogressively on the Kenyan cases. What you saw happening on Friday is a big step that will see us set free,” said Mr Ruto.

International Criminal Court Appeals Chamber on Friday rejected the use of recanted evidence or unsworn witness statements which Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda wanted to rely on.

The Deputy President said now Kenyans should move on and embrace peace and co-existence since the country has been reconciled.

Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka also hailed the ICC ruling saying that it was a result of prayers from his supporters.

Mr Lusaka said Kenyans were happy with he ruling and would want the case to be over as the country had already been reconciled. 

“We know the country has undergone healing and we are trying to unite all Kenyans and we shun this tribal politics that pits one against another. If we continue being tribal then we will not realise our development agenda,” said Mr Ruto.

The Deputy President continued his charm offensive in Bungoma pleading with the residents to join the new Jubilee Party in order to stop tribalism in the country.

"It is only in Jubilee that you will be able to share in the national cake and avoid being in the cold. Join us now so that we help in the growth of this party," said Mr Ruto.