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Detectives go back to Juma's murder scene for clues

Monday May 9 2016

The late Jacob Juma (right) appears before a Parliamentary committee. The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has taken over the Juma murder case. FILE PHOTO | NATION MEDIA GROUP

The late Jacob Juma (right) appears before a parliamentary committee. The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has taken over the Juma murder case. FILE PHOTO | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Detectives investigating the death of controversial businessman Jacob Juma on Sunday visited the scene of the murder and Karen Police Station for the second time as the probe enters the third day without any major developments.

Already, the detectives have taken all the exhibits that were found in the car and at the scene, including the deceased’s cloths.

Some of the documents found in the car were copies of Eurobond materials that the businessman had given the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) earlier this year.

It has not yet been established why Mr Juma had the Eurobond papers in his car several weeks after he had submitted copies of them to the EACC.

Police also said Mr Juma was a licensed firearm holder, but only his firearm certificate was found in his pocket.

However, detectives did not say whether the firearm was stolen by the attackers or if he had left it at home.


Police were also studying bloodstain patterns, especially the quantity and pattern of the blood on the co-driver’s seat.

It was not immediately established if the officers who went to the scene first tampered with the car or the deceased's body. Mr Juma was found belted in the driver’s seat.

The statements of the officers who first visited the scene shortly before 10pm will be recorded to reconstruct the scene that had already been tampered with when the team from the Director of Criminal Investigations took over.

Among those who came to the scene were Karen OCPD Eshiphan Gichohi and his DCI counterpart Kenneth Njoroge, both of whom were still at the station when the shooting took place.

However, National Police Service spokesman George Kinoti on Sunday said the investigations were proceeding well, adding that he would not comment on the matter until Monday.

Mr Juma’s mobile phone call data has also been retrieved and is expected to help in establishing his last movements and the people he communicated with at least five hours before his mysterious death.

In December last year, the former Karen Police Station was upgraded to a full division, and the two senior officers were posted there as part of efforts to tame rising crime.