Police turn probe on G4S to unravel Barclays’ heist

Wednesday April 24 2019

Barclays Bank

A Barclays Bank ATM at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi on April 21, 2019. Several ATMs belonging to the bank have been robbed. PHOTO | DENNIS ONSONGO | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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No bullet was fired, no machines were broken into but Sh14 million was gone.

As the puzzle of the Barclays Bank ATM theft deepens, investigators have narrowed the analysis on two probabilities.

The robbers who stole millions of shillings from four ATMs belonging to Barclays Bank during the Easter holiday were so clever that they chose off-site machines, which would have taken time for the bank to discover that money had been stolen.

This comes as an initial forensic analysis of the four affected ATMs on Tuesday raised the amount of money stolen to Sh14 million from the initial Sh11 million.

This is after it emerged that the Kenya Cinema ATM lost Sh3 million during the heist. The other three ATMs lost a total of Sh11 million.


Off-site ATMs are not hosted next to or inside banking halls. They are located in high traffic areas where banks think they have a clientele base that would make financial sense.

On Tuesday, police turned their attention to G4S, the security group contracted to guard the four ATMs, in order to understand how the money disappeared.

It is said the bank’s internal security unit, on being questioned by the police, attempted to absolve themselves from blame by saying all the ATMs that were robbed were under the jurisdiction and management of G4S.

They were however hard-pressed to explain why the bank had not installed CCTV cameras at the Mutindwa AT