Three elders arrested for aiding terrorist get ID card

Thursday October 12 2017

A man looking at national identity cards at a

A man looking at national identity cards at a chief's office. Three Garissa elders have been arrested for aiding a terror suspect get a Kenyan national identity card. FILE PHOTO | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Three elders are being held police on suspicion of helping terrorists sneak into Kenya.

They have been identified as Mr Abdisalaw Abdullahi Idiwo, Mr Roble Abdi Hussein and Mr Bule Abdullahi Gedi.

The three, according to a police report seen by the Nation, took advantage of their position as council of elders in Garissa to vouch for registration of an Ethiopian, who has since been arrested over links to terrorists.


“The elders connived with the aliens to mislead the vetting committee on their citizenship, contrary to their obligation of rightfully informing the vetting committee on the natives of the region. They used a fake name, Mohamed Abdi Aden to acquire an identity card for the Ethiopian alien,” the report says.

Kenyan administration at the grassroots, particularly on the border depend on council of elders for credible identification on youth seeking Kenyan identification documents.

Corrupt government officials have also been colluding with unscrupulous elders to help aliens get the Kenyan identification document.

“Cases have been reported of government staff responsible for issuing these documents either engaging themselves in the crime for monetary gains, or not applying due diligence in discharging their duty," police say.

Police are warning that anyone found issuing the documents illegally to foreigners will be prosecuted.


The elders were arrested at Medina, Garissa County.

Investigations revealed that the illegal identity card was issued in March 2012.

The suspect, who was issued with the identity card, was found with bomb making materials.

Upon interrogation police established that the suspect was on a mission to carry out a bomb attack in Nairobi.

“The incident brings to focus the issue of foreigners infiltrating the country from neighboring countries and acquiring Kenyan vital registration documents in order to conceal their nefarious activities,” the police added.

Police say the foreigners use their illegally acquired documents to open bank accounts, register for mobile money transfer services, enroll in local learning institutions, travel abroad, and apply for local jobs or even join the police or the military, thus posing a serious threat to the national security.


Another report appeals to the public to report cases of youths missing or suspected to have left to join terrorist groups.

Three Kenyan women were lured to Libya by the Islamic State two years ago but were brought back after they were arrested in Egypt in August.

Ms Firthoza Ali Ahmed aged 29, Ms Aisha Mafudh Ashur (24), and Ms Tawfiqa Dahir Adan, (24), were arrested by Egyptian authorities in Cairo on August 24.

They were detained for two days and then surrendered to the Kenyan embassy.

After the arrest, the three told interrogators that they had escaped from Libya where an Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (Isis) operative had held them captive.

“They were arrested on grounds of being in Egypt illegally and without travel documents. They were also asking for directions to the Kenyan embassy,” says a security report on the matter.